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Mallow leaves have lots of calcium (500% more than milk, and it's a wild, easy-to-find plant), and there are many others. This is a bullshit study funded by the meat industry: there are vegans who don't eat well, but you cannot extrapolate from that. There are many different vegan diets, but if you do choose the good one with every nutrient you need, you'll be fine.


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Good to know! The study you link mentions lots of other species. I've combined rice with many of them unconsciously, because it tastes better. Curry on rice makes a lot of sense, according to the study.


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For some reason I always hold my breath until they are out of range (like I'm 4 meters away from them). I don't know if that works lol

That works. I do the same for combustion-engine vehicles. They kill far more people than COVID-19. I can hold my breath for two and a half minutes now (maybe wearing a mask contributed to that somehow?).

I don't wear a mask when I walk in the woods, I just "social distance" when I walk by people (which is rarely). Also, I live in a street with no car access, and I prefer choosing streets with less traffic (which is very little in the country anyway).


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I would think that oil reaching a maximum price would be a good thing but your comment sounded ominous to me.

If oil price rises, almost everything else rises in price. Food transportation and production (agrochemical industry) need a lot of oil to produce as much food as they do today. I guess it isn't a bad thing if you leave in the countryside, know how to grow your own food and you can deal with thousands of hungry desperate people coming from nearby cities. If you live in the city, you will be pretty much fucked. The Swedish Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering (JTI) made some research on this topic, and it doesn't look very good. Just add global warming and the current soil degradation rate to the equation to realise that lots of species and millions of people will surely die.

Also, paradoxically the greenhouse gases that serve as heat blankets over the Earth are accompanied by aerosols, which cool the earth; that is, an abrupt decrease of industrial activity would heat the earth.

Who knows if the price increase will be slow or fast? Right now the oil market is very volatile, and it's highly unknown how will prices be after the pandemic restrictions are eased.