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You could also poison yourself with some wild poisonous berries or mushrooms in very high quantities being in a cold forest in winter, so you could also have a fallback way to die of hypothermia if the poison fails. Wherever you fall dead, you'll be composted or eaten by wild animals.


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As for the feature being implemented for all Postmill instances: I had not thought about instances without Internet access, that's interesting. How are such instances run? What would be a way to detect such a situation?

I don't know. As long as the admins can disable or enable the search feature, it's OK for me.


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I wouldn't accept it for Postmill, but it's OK for Raddle, as it won't work with Postmill instances without access to the Internet, specifically the DuckDuckGo domain. It would be better to query the database to search for post title matches in a forum or globally and display the results in a separate page but inside Postmill.


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Look, just talk to her and get to know each other. You are the one who is complicating things, imagining beforehand what she will think about you.

Think about it this way: if you never talk to her, you'll never enjoy her. If you talk to her, you may become friends or (maybe after some time) intimate friends. If not, don't worry: it's not your fault, you cannot control her attractions or interests, but you won't regret it later. If time goes by and you miss the chance to talk to her, you'll regret it and see yourself as a coward.

Be bold my friend! You only live once.