digby wrote

I actually live near a white supremacist gang that stalks and scrutinizes racial minorities

Holy cow! Whereabouts? I'm in Toronto, so I don't see so much of this (my neighbourhood is extremely diverse, densely-populated, and family-friendly). The thing that stands out most to me, as a white male, is the casual anti-native sentiment even seemingly well-spoken, intelligent people will suddenly spew.

All this said, I'm acquainted with a fellow who's rather antisemitic, alt-right-leaning, and this fact led to the dissolution of our acquaintanceship.


digby wrote

Try roll20! I've had some success playing with strangers over voice chat (via Discord). Works surprisingly well, though there's something to be said about the absence of body language. All the same, it'll give you a chance to play which you might otherwise lack -- plus, you'll be able to try out different systems and playstyles at the same time.