dessalinesdefencesquad OP wrote

It has nothing to do with Islamophobia, unironic Utopian Anarchist. Look, I'm just going to quote a muslim comrade and you you'll see how wrong you are:

I feel the need to post this as a Muslim communist. What I've been reading for the past years from western media regarding Uyghurs has genuinely troubled me, it legitimately made me horrified of China, until very recently I've decided to look for non-western backed news sources regarding the Uyghurs in Xinjiang and those camps, I was met with the shocking realization that the west has been feeding people "half truths" about the story.

For you to understand what China is doing in Xinjiang, one would have to be able to tell the difference between Muslims and Islamists. China isn't putting Muslims in concentration camps, absolutely far from it, they're putting, as I like to put it, Islamists and potential-Islamists into rehabilitation centers teaching them secular values, Mandarin, and basic life skills that they've never been taught before, these people that get put into those camps are prey to predators who look for Muslims to join their radical/extremist groups.

As for the kids being taken from their parents, it's true, yes, as I said, "half truths", what the west tells you that is that China is taking Uyghur kids away from them, the real story is that China is taking the kids of Islamist Uyghurs in particular, who refuse to send their kids to schools, and China is forcing them to study, rather than be left alone in the streets in Xinjiang reading Quran and Islamic studies in mosques, only to never be able to find work when they grow up, and end up joining extremist groups. Not so evil now is it?

So many of the torture, beating, etc. videos that I've seen of the Uyghurs turned out to be fake news.. just random videos of Chinese (and sometimes just Asians in general in other Asian countries..) getting harassed, but they get attributed to Uyghurs, because of course, westerners can't tell the difference from any Asian..

Muslim minorities from Uyghur to even Hui are actually privileged due to affirmative action, being exempt from the one-child policy, having social programs, increased job opportunities, the law in general is extremely in their favor, provided that you're a secular Muslim and not an Islamist, in the latter case the PRC isn't going to bomb you for being an Islamist like the US does, but is willing to rehabilitate you with their government funded camps.

The lies that the west keeps spreading about the Uyghur is fucked up.. it's making Muslims in the middle east feel uneasy about China (even though most of us Muslims here detest Islamists), it helps that all Muslim country world leaders approve of China's rehab centers though, but western propaganda still makes its way there.

It'd help a ton with fighting radical/political Islam if Muslim countries started similar rehabilitation centers in the middle east/North Africa. This is what we need to end radical Islam, not by bombing the innocent Muslims in the Middle East or killing a terrorist's entire family like America does, but by helping Islamists let go of their radical beliefs.