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I would think there are definitely use cases for this but without a doubt they would be extremely situational. As always, gotta way risk vs reward in context to different strategies.
Make a list of risks/rewards and try to weigh them. Do this for each plan of action. Burn paper!


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"Join a church band as a drummer and practice your black metal there lol" haha fuck yes!!

I just found about this software called Hydrogen, and it worked right out of the box on my computer. It's free and open source too! I've only started messing around with it but I'm pretty impressed with how easy it was to get going.

I installed it from the command line "sudo dnf install -y hydrogen-0.9.7-15.fc33.x86_64," messed with the audio jack for like five minutes and boom, it's working.

I am used to using the shittiest equipment, headphones as a microphone, but this software honestly seems pretty legit.


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Checkout is probably the easiest place to watch people.

Watching 10 lanes of checkout vs 20 isles or wtf ever of sales floor is a lot easier.

"Pretending" you are buying something and then stashing that sick PS69 game cyberchad 2420 up your butt is also something I would figure lots of people would think makes them more inconspicuous. If I was LP I would hella watch the check out lines.


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I would say going forums like nulled and looking around is your best bet.

Also people please yoos a vpn and like whonix or tails or something to obfuscate where you are accessing these site from. Stepping into the would of SE is stepping into the world of fraud, and stepping into the world of fraud can be a dangerous step if you don't know what you are doing.

That all said, maybe an opsec guide would be a good start. IRL opsec and digital opsec are two important things. It's less incriminating to talk about blending into crowds, then it is to talk about stealing. Just as it's not incriminating to say "use signal," versus "if you want to buy drugs from me message me via encrypted communications."


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Skagos will probably be one of my favorite bands until I die. I got to see Ash Borer in Seattle a long ass time ago, it was cool but it sounded like there was way too much reverb either in their mix or in the venue; love the bad regardless though.

I have heard of a lot of the groups in that list thought so fuck yeah, thanks!


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Because when I was a lot younger I didn't know then as I learned about the gross shit I was like 'who cares, that's the band is like, not me.' As I got older it's started to impact me more.

I also know a huge amount of bands that I enjoy, politically and sonically. But doest it really matter when my neighbours see a white dude blasting metal and feel threatened? That notion is why I made the claim of metal being problematic in general.

Good call on the streaming. I do not stream it though. I've downloaded all this stuff from various people on Soulseek.