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A recent post on here about this topic: Gender as Told by Science.

The link you shared even has some of the objections under "3.2 Is sex classification solely a matter of biology?", "3.3 Are sex and gender distinct?", and "3.4 Is the sex/gender distinction useful?" Worth a read for you ;)


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I've seen someone making a more interesting point about this on twitter; that the problem doesn't disappear when fascists get thrown in prison. They meet up with the Nazi gangs in prison and start contributing to the violence against non-white people in prison itself. People act like prison is a place where these problems disappear, as if there aren't real people in prison who will have to deal with the fascist psychopaths who get sent there.


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Looking forward to binging The Outer Worlds all weekend.

Got my marks for my midterm exams & I killed them all, A+ across the board. Very happy about it since I've always been a really terrible student.