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Black Mask & Up Against the Wall Motherfucker The Story of a small, underground 1960s revolutionary group in New York City

Buda's wagon: a brief history of the car bomb

Operation chaos: the Vietnam deserters who fought the CIA, the brainwashers and themselves

Survivors of slavery: modern day slave narratives [CW: slavery, rape, violence, brutality, murder, torture, femicide, and a couple more; not an easy read]

Bad Moon Rising: How the Weather Underground Beat the FBI and Lost the Revolution

A few others I can't recall right now. But there's à already a lot of great books listed here by others.


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That sounds unpleasant. Definitely should push back against their bullshit (sounds like you are). The kids of a liberal friend of mine have been asking me a bunch of questions about anarchism and how to deal with tankies. They came to anarchism on their own but when they heard me talking about things like a world without police they knew. Always nice to find common ground even if it's with a younger generation of the white liberals those of us have to deal with.


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It depends on who you're talking to. White liberals, good luck. Black or other marginalized liberals, because it's part of their daily lives, if they haven't really thought about it or given voice to it before, they definitely agree. At least that's been my limited experience. It's kind of like with marxists though, why spend time trying to convince them of problems with the system they favor when you could use that same time and energy to work on things that you want.


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No worries and it's like a lot of things, there's definitely truth to it. The CCP has even admitted to organ harvesting though claim it's consensual so it's okay.

I'm planning to do a little write up of some of what I've learned and experienced there, which will include this in a way. Sorry I'm not saying more here.


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I've been second guessing my support of one specific protest movement. Even though it's legit in terms of being upset at the government, it's mostly middle to upper class, doesn't involve the poor or Indigenous people of that area much. So I'm just trying to work out what level of support should I keep and what are more things that could be done to bring in these important groups.

There's more to all of this, just the very short version.


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It's just part of the international fusion efforts, this article is a bit confusing to me. This is the translation of the link to the "report" they cite

Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, November 26, reported that China's new generation of controllable nuclear fusion research device "China Circulator II M" is currently under construction and is expected to be put into operation in 2020 to carry out relevant scientific experiments. This was learned by reporters on the 26th from the first China Magnetically-Constrained Fusion Energy Conference being held in Leshan, Sichuan.

The principle of nuclear fusion to produce energy is similar to that of the solar luminescence, so the controllable nuclear fusion research device on the earth for the purpose of exploring clean energy is also called "artificial sun".

"China Circulator No. 2M" is a new generation of controllable nuclear fusion research facility in China. It is located in Chengdu, Sichuan, and was constructed by the Southwest Institute of Physics of China Nuclear Group Nuclear Industry.

This device uses hydrogen and deuterium gas as "fuel", and simulates the fusion reaction by injecting them into the device, breaking them down, and "breaking" to generate near-core-level plasma. In June 2019, with the delivery of the main coil system, its full-scale engineering installation kicked off.

"The current installation of the project is progressing smoothly. It is expected that the 'Chinese Circulator II M' will be put into operation and carry out relevant scientific experiments in 2020," said Duan Xuru, president of China Nuclear Group's Southwest Institute of Physics.

According to reports, compared with similar devices in China, the "Chinese Circulator II M" device uses a more advanced structure and control method, and the plasma temperature is expected to exceed 200 million degrees Celsius. This device will participate in international thermonuclear fusion experiments for China Reactor (ITER) related experiments and operations, as well as independent design and construction of fusion reactors in the future provide important technical support.

(This article was originally entitled "China's New Generation of" Artificial Sun "Is Expected to Be Put into Operation in 2020")


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Short answer: after I spent some time in Hong Kong I started to notice irregularities in where my phone was "located" (it would travel to places like Beijing while I wasn't there), would sometimes be shadowed/followed by people, shit like that. They're also known to come in the middle of the night to either give warnings or arrest people. The barricade was meant to give me time to send out prearranged messages to friends not to stop them from getting in.

I won't lie, my last few months there were unpleasantly paranoid.