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Well considering in the US its basically just a fucking tax document that gets you some tax breaks on your kids, it boggles my fucking mind that it's still taken so seriously in the US. My only guess is religious people, but it's like they don't even get that the spiritual aspects of marriage have been almost entirely removed and replaced with buying a bunch of shit you don't need and hoping the tax break you get covers it all.

Nope, you'll still be paying off that stupid fucking wedding when you're divorced.


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Primarily it's an issue of consent - a baby cannot consent to having its body mutilated.

It's two levels of consent here, no less. The consent to have the body part removed, and the consent to sell the body part for far more than it cost to remove it. (Because of course, capitalism.)

I'm fairly sure that the company behind this "treatment" has no intentions to re-compensate the babies whose foreskin was taken. So not only it is an issue of consent, it's also an issue of theft.


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The only way this comes out well if it results in paid online commenters being required to present their comments just like a political ad with "paid for by so and so" appended to each one.

Obviously, that won't fucking happen because far too many companies have far too much money invested in this sort of online reputation management. They'll clip CA's wings, but Monsanto and Correct the Record/Blueshare will still be running amok.


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I wish there was one of these in my town. It used to be my dream to collect old computers, slap linux on them, and give them away for free to needy families who can't afford a new computer.

I would love to use my skills to help people get longer life out of their digital devices. Damn, there's a couple maker-spaces here, maybe I should chat with their members and see if we can arrange something similar.


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extra hidden secret: rationality is informed by emotion, and people who cannot experience emotion are unable to rationalize.

to pretend you are "above" emotion and only look at things "rationally" is missing the fucking point.

also, if you're an atheist and you pull that shit, it's even more infuriating, because guess what fuckstick, you're an irrational animal just like anyone else!! putting yourself and other humans on a fucking pedestal is the same shit religious people do.

by rejecting people who are "not smart" we are rejecting the people most likely to be exploited in the world because they lack the educational capacity to know they are being exploited. to reject them and dismiss them is to be dismissing people's real lives and emotions, which still really matter, even if they aren't smart/can't communicate well.

I spent my youth reading all the academics, and I'll spend my adulthood thinking fuck-none-of-them speak for me or understand my life and situations. I'm looking at you Noam Chomsky, Sam Harris, Steven Pinker, Slavoj Zizek, etc, etc. sometimes it feels like the only academic I can read without wanting to scream anymore is Cornel West.


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Both Intel and AMD have internal "management engine" chips which are proprietary closed source, and both function much like the ballyhooed Intel Management Engine chip.

The best AMD has done is offer to consider open sourcing their equivalent of the management engine to show that they don't have government backdoors. I believe the promise to "look into" that was over a year ago.

As with everything, assume all hardware is compromised and if you are truly worried about personal security, use an open source operating system.

However, if security and whatnot aren't what you're looking for, then you have to make your own choices between the big three, Intel, AMD, and nVidia. As always, there is no such thing as ethical consumption under capitalism, so no matter who you choose, it's in many ways a raw deal.

If frugality is more your deal and you want an older processors, the older Intel multi-cores definitely had better performance than older AMD multi-cores, and as such would be a better long-term purchase if aiming for lower-end, older hardware. Also, as with anything used or refurbished, you've at least alleviated some of the environmental concern of the products by choosing to reduce and/or re-use instead of dumping the whole product to be "recycled" in some third world country.