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Less paranoia and more leeway in posting random links to sites (at their root, not at direct downloads), but otherwise I expect things to stay mostly the same for the sake of discussion.


db0 wrote (edited )

Ye absolutely. Raddle should be more resistant due to its ideological underpinning, but you never know, if this gets too popular they will not be able to withstand the pressure from nation-states. I mean TPB people got taken down and they were wholly within Swedish law as well. :-/

Nevertheless, I'd suggest to get more comfortable with distributed platforms at the same time as a hedge. I recently joined Aether which is effectively distributed reddit and seems kinda like a cool place to link stuff like this. I already created a piracy forum and shared your post there.

Likewise you can retain a profile and following on scuttlebutt, so that people who like your work can always reach you.