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Normally I see it brought up by conservatives... idolizing the people who attempted the coup. They also like to mourn the people who were killed by law enforcement while trying to invade the capitol. I don't think law enforcement should murder people, of course, but I do find it simultaneously amusing and depressing that the right will mourn the deaths of fascists who tried to overthrow their government, and then tell Black people that they should "just obey the law" after they get shot for going to the wrong place at the wrong time.


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Yellow Calculator was previously chilling with their friends Menacing "Bloodstained" Notebook and Vial of Some Substance. However, Yellow Calculator is slightly overstimulated and is expressing annoyance, prompting Vial of Some Substance to make fun of them (hence the smirk and finger gun) and Menacing "Bloodstained" Notebook to scowl in frustration. They do not seem to have a quality friendship.


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I'm reading House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski, it's wild. The structure of the book is all over the place and there's a lot of layers, reading it feels like solving a puzzle haha


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Reply to name rule by gabbbbby

funny story: my name has a double letter at the end, and there's someone at my school who has the same name but with only one of the letters (like if i was named johnn, he would be john). at a school function recently on the attendees list they stole my extra letter and gave it to him. we now must fight to the death.