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Why do I call myself having Dysmorphia and not Dysphoria? Because I'm more psychologically troubled about my body morphology than my gender identity. I don't need the "but honey, you look beautiful" bs, I want Estradiol, DMPA, as well as needing to be vegan for at least 4 years with the discipline to do it.


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So, it works like this

in the Y axis: Confucius believed that information should be disseminated from the top to the bottom and that power should come from the bottom to the top.

in the X axis: Lao Tzu believed in the flow, using his philosophy in terms of resources, it should be an undisturbed flow of resources from producers to consumers and vv.

lastly, in Kropotkin, I believe that this 2 dimensional model should be horizontal in that there is no authority by one over the other politically.

in summary, I believe in an East Asian Anarchist perspective that Civilization encourages stability of flow between

Confucius: the intelligentsia and the working class Lao Tzu: the producers and consumers Kropotkin: the people to other people

moving... Confucius: information and power Lao Tzu: resources Kropotkin: authority (Bakunin's definition)


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On your question, again, Uncivilized has a different meaning if you come from East Asia that it is from the west. Whereas in the west many proudly self-identity as "anti-civ". Civilization itself has a different meaning altogether in the East.

Whereas you see it as the aggregate of institutions and technologies, I assume, that make up the state and all forms of oppression. We see it as an aggregate of processes organically created from the bottom up for the benefit of everyone within society.

They are civilized because of, I'm going to use use obedience because yet again Teutonic Anglo-Saxon culture doesn't have another and better word for it, what you call rituals. Regardless of the presence of these innovations even primitivists can be civilized. Going to meetings is civilized, gardening is civilized, hunting parties are civilized, because thoigh they are daily activities, in aggregate they contribute to the wellbeing of the whole and therefore the stability of a society.

anti-civs as you define it will be far from being uncivilized in our standards since despite a gap in institutions, we could probably still understand you, have the same methods of courtesy and would probably be welcome to interactions that foster beneficence and social progress among both sides.

Secondly, I thought all movements had the potential to overthrow the system, even ours. But I'm pretty tired having this fight this fight that mentality and all solutions on the negative end end in Cult leaders. CHAZ was a breaking point, a time when I resolved never to enter revolutionary or activist politics ever again. I simply wanted to live my life the way it was promised by my forebearers, a society without state, capital, oppression, domination, inequity, starvation. No more movements, I want to exist.


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Firstly, I'm not white.

I use uncivilized because it's the only translation for an alien concept to Teutonic Anglo-Saxon culture.

I believe that Capitalism should have been broken down before my birth because, as one of the things that led me to anarchism, how many revolutions have failed, social movements, activism, political struggles, blundered or may have killed millions. There was a century of opportunity for Capitalism to end, people say hindsight bias, their contemporaries however were more in line with the route to proper execution of the revolution as we do now. The latest one CHAZ was the final straw for me.

It sucks, genuinely sucks, that I have to live with the problems my forebears had. I have to keep up with every revolt failing and the same old problems. It's mentally and socially crushing to understand that you don't have a future.

you become the citizen of another world. This is not meant to be my problem. It makes me cry in bed every night thinking about how life could have been better before me and so I demanded my dreams into existence and pushed the morals and attitudes of this other world into ours to see that I will get to live in it while I'm young.


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the thing that got me when it came to Confucius was although today we'd call it authoritarian, it wouldn't exactly be so. rather it's a transmission that being of information (from top to bottom) and power (from bottom to top) and the intricate rituals assigned being necessary fixtures for this exchange to occur.

Confucius claims this is the characteristics of a good state but since when has a state have power from the bottom to the top or a flow of information from the top to the bottom?

Within Capitalist society this disharmony abounds: a product of a lack of transparency, corruption, and opportunity led me to believe that the state is not what Confucius advocates.

but that's just my ideas.


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I'm pretty sure Anti-civ anarchists and marxists as you think of them are within my categorization of uncivilized.

My idea of it is that Capitalist civilization should have broken down decades before my existence and my generation having new problems within this new world we're very privileged to have.

also, the conservative part of left conservative agrees with your point when you described...

how progress can be detrimental to oneself. Genocide and colonization have been the most progressive tools. "We must secure a future for our children and the white race" is a progressive slogan, meaning it is focused purely on the future.

There is the frequent call against "blind progress" that produces a "never ending vortex of agitation" for which the reason for my views.

The idea of the master race is that they never starve and I agree that my humanity gives me privilege to express my views at all.


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Other than Trauma and living in a majority rightist area, There's also an expression of disappointment.

like Racism, Fascism, the environment, gender discrimination, &c. were never meant to be my problem, I live in the 21st Century, these are problems that should have been solved before I was born.

The sentiment I gave in the compass was an expression that those people who express these views not just as reactionaries but degenerates who look for nothing but an ideology which gives them carte blanche to inflict harm and wreck havoc on their own people.

they're uncivilized, dirty, incestuos, pedophiles in majority and they call themselves "the master race", people today starve as this master race lives on the corporate towers of Queens


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Reply to comment by ziq in my political compass for reference. by d4rk

any actions that on aggregate provoke a breakdown of social harmony. it's degeneracy because it degenerates an organization and destroys it from the inside.

for example, racism is degeneracy because it creates categories which affect the harmonious relationship of all members and cause unnecessary conflicts. It also does a lot of harm that could, on aggregate, destroy the society.