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Well for one, they are swear words and are made to offend. They insult one's masculinity. So yes, it is obviously problematic.

Although I get the sentiment, the idea of being a simp as a word of offense should remain as such, be used and righteously cause offense. It's a challenge for men to actually find love rather than feeding their expectations that capital investment in women would reap rewards.

On the otherhand Cuck is an insult which victim-blames, Cucks should be met with sympathy not insult. So, I believe the term should die altogether.

About your description however, there is nothing wrong with being a bottom. If you want a term that has the same definition but does not insult combining the three above, I guess you got yourself a yandere.


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Really great as a coping mechanism

But those who actually believe in the overall metanarrative of it should join the other radical determinists in hell.


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Ah yes, the "sex as liberation" debate. We were supposed to leave you dead with Emma Goldman and now you have proponents like Wolfi and CrimethInc. Just why and when did we deviate from that orthodoxy again?

Thanks to that argument we had been associated with "logical rapists" and pedophiles

Nothing wrong with sex positivity and polyamory, but the primary rationale of "sex as liberation" is something countered by all sides of society not just because it eliminates the sacredness of sex but also opens the floodgates to justify abuse.

It's like that common dark joke of

what stops rape everytime?