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Setting aside Scotist Theology, this depends on what good exactly we want to define. If we're talking the Christian good, then in the context of Monarchies and pre-Austrian Painterman Fascism, yes it is one of the greatest evils to ever be unleashed. But if we're talking about Calvinist good, in the context of contemporary China and Singapore it isn't exactly that great an evil since the consent of the masses is with those governments despite their authoritarianism. But in general no level of authority, even for the general good, is ever justified.


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no form of government is less prone to revolt than anyone else but more often than not Conservative-Imperial states which is on the edge of autocracy but isn't really the most prone to rebellion because of its ability to provide and redistribute wealth to increasingly "ungrateful" next generations.

One of two things often occur to such states, either they lose one part of that classification over the course of generations due to their neocolonies or traditional colonies revolting &or coming to the motherland. Or, it in itself will commit to an event so economically and socially draining that Revolts from within are inevitable. A good example of the former is Britain however in the latter you have Imperial Russia and Germany.


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do you ever see one article online and think, "no shit"


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Gen Z-ers and Alphas just discovered Athenian Sexism or something?