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On your first point, I guess a negation of the negation would be to socially construct nothing into something and use that to justify whatever acts that you want to do. It is neither Dionysian, since it is bound by an internally consistent although rudimentary, moral code. Nor is it Apollonian, since it (being the something from nothing) can impress its will on others. But this could no longer be a form of Nihilism since Zarathustra preaches against this type of old order of man.

I'd like to thank you for that second point for leading me down the rabbithole of Czechoslovak philosophy. It was definitely a good read considering that they were on the correct side of history.


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well, two years of polsci is about to be over and I'm back. Hopefully I'd get to summer in the dark arts.


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Is it playing the Indila song in the background?