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I wouldn't be too worried about legal responses via a VCS host like GitHub - just browse for other piracy software on there and look at how popular they can get without many issues. Most of the software I have used has been hosted on GitHub for years.

Your main issue on GitHub will be to make sure that your project and README don't directly instruct users how to pirate specific content like youtube-dl did (e.g. "For example, here's how to stream popular new movie 'XYZ'!"). Just explain how the tool works and users will be able to tell how to get to the content.

If you're still anxious, you can use a throwaway GitHub account for this repo only. You could also browse other, less-corporate VCS hosts like Sourcehut, but the discoverability of your tool will be much, much lower on alternative hosts.

Otherwise, you'll have to resort to uploading the tool to anonymous hosting sites and inform your potential users via a forum or email list or something.


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This one is close to being too Outrun to post here, but I figured the light blue tropical trees and light pink lettering make it Vaporwave enough.