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I wouldn't have told the asshole to kill himself for the same reason I wouldn't have called him retarded. There's nothing good about using mental illness/disability/whatever to insult. Yes he was the asshole 100%. His response to Sparrow was extremely unwelcome. But I also find telling people to kill themselves very out-of-place in an anarchist circle.

You're also trying to police my language, despite me being another minority, because I'm not... Minority... Enough? Because you're more femme than I am? Because you refuse to find solidarity with literally anyone but trans women?

Youre just very shouty. I will be walking away now. Goodnight


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I'm non binary and bi. I'm not sure all these psuedo-slurs for straight people are really the healthiest thing for the community though.

I will never prioritize a non trans woman over one of my kin.

what he said was bad, probably even worse, yes, but... do you not think this is discriminatory? anyway, I'm not trying to defend his behavior, it definitely got my downvote, but i'm really comfortable with the whole "kys" thing. just me.


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You still shouldnt wish mental health problems on others... I mean I know what they said was very, very shitty but "kys" just isn't the response to take.

Also, this is all I could find online for what "breeder" means:

Breeder is a derogatory term for people who have children

Is this what you meant? How would you know if they had children? Why would you consider this a bad thing?


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Also, I'm not sure telling someone to kill themselves is the right solution here. As someone who has dealt with suicidal tendencies in the past, this would be very upsetting for me to be told, even if I had said something ignorant. You never know whether this person could be triggered by your remark.

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Then what I'm calling "post civilization" might be "anti civ" to you. I'm referring to the inevitability of a population that lives after the current state of civilization, in comparison to the typical Anprim that wants to return to a feral lifestyle as humans.

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I've actually known about it since r/shoplifting got banned, but I thought it was just a shoplifting site and not a comprehensive anarchy forum. Took me this long to do the digging

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Meat and dairy consumption involves an awful amount of waste and harms the planet, first of all. But to me, industrialization is not the entire problem, I view any use of an animal as abuse. No animal would consent to being used, killed or otherwise and its forced use is therefore exploitation. Although industrialization and factory farming make these issues much more pronounced, even backyard chickens or hunted venison are ideas I am not comfortable with, and this would be mistreatment even outside of capitalism. An inability to consent is as good as a lack of consent, and animals want you to know: no means no.