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It's my humble opinion that this flashy wanted poster isn't worth the space it takes up on the web. The state department and other feds have released similar wanted posters and held big spooky press events to flex their muscles and scare people they accuse of hacking, knowing full well that China, and in this case Russia, are never going to extradite their own nationals, especially state sponsored hackers, to the US to face charges. Seems like little more than propaganda to show that they think they know who to attribute attacks to and make it seem extra srs cause $$$.

That said, this seems like an extension of a growing and concerted effort by these alphabet bois to pay people to snitch. Kudos to whatever graphic designer they hired in the last year or so, though. Really stepped up the poster game.


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Not sure how much of a read-through text either of these are, but two highly practical anarcho-friendly texts that come to mind are Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching and the slightly less sabotage-y Earth First! Direct Action Manual.

Ecodefense is a little dated, but still worth a read, if for nothing more than inspiration. The Direct Action Manual is a decent reference that can help with ideas for interference beyond just ecodefense. Neither are page turners, but they're about as practical as you can find.


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I was on the fence about which one to post. I love them both, but that second version you linked to feels a lot brighter, pluckier, and more up beat, and it's perfect for that. I find the one I linked to makes me feel a lot more sentimental and melancholy, but in the best of ways, like wearing an old friend's scratchy wool sweater.

Theyre both great, and all of Noel'le Longhaul's music is just splendid.