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My experience hitchhiking across the US was pretty good, but I hold a couple visible markers of privelege that almost definitely made it chiller than it may be for other folks.

All in all, im glad I did it gor a while. It was pretty simple. Plan your route, get to the outskirts of town, find somewhere that you can stand and a car can pull over, and let it rip. A sign with a destination can help, and so can looking friendly.

Some tips: public transit is a great way to get out of the city. Hitching out of an urban area is so rough - no one wants to pick you up cause theyre just running errands, etc. Get to the outskirts along a highway and your odds go up big time.

It helps to be personable and friendly, but still be cautious. I never had a ride I was super sketched out by, but I definitely turned down a ride or two from people giving off sketchy vibes. Trust your gut.

Dont tell people your final destination when they ask where youre going when they're thinking about picking you up. Tell them youre going to a town a few hours away instead. I found if you tell em youre destination is states away, they may be less likely to pick you up because they can't take you all the way or something. Kind of strange, but i got it a few times.

Truck stops are oases. You can get water, toilets, and usually find a place to sleep somewhere nearby. Slso usually near on/off ramps which make for easier hitchin.

Prepare for boredom and plan to get to your destination via 1000 little rides rather than a couple big ones.

Good luck!


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What the hell? I dont see it anywhere on the wiki or in the side bar in my browser. I gave up on it after it got killed last time (it's been down intermittently to ward off spammers etc., yeah?) and it's truly not a big deal, but now I'm wondering why I'm getting a different experience on this site on my setup, with the tumbnails and tor stuff now.

I'm pobably just missing something, but it has me scratching my head a bit.


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This is good, seems like a really useful reference guide and resource to distribute. Thanks for the share!


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That's a good question, and I don't have a clear answer. I think for the few people who may be following this story but still have some faith in "official" narratives, this is just another piece of damning evidence that undermines the state's lies about Tort's murder.

For those who already knew the police murdered them, this is fuel on the fire. To the abolitionists, anarchists, and others who know the score before the state is finally forced to admit its lies, this isn't shocking, but feels like a twist of the knife, and that has propelled more and more militant action. Acting on a validation for what they already knew to be true.

As for broader US politics, the policebrutalize and kill people here literally every day. Some cases are egregious enough to rise above the signal noise, and this is one of those instances. To libs, Tortuguita was a peaceful protester camping in the woods when murdered by the state. Evidence like this erodes the official narrative that they're otherwise inclined to believe. I think that framework has compelled previously silent groups and people to chime in, and in the last few weeks we've seen a relative groundswell of lib orgs/individuals weighing in against cop city.

So, I guess I'm not sure it will actually affect US politics as a whole. I dont think ilibs weighing in post-murder will drastically increase the likelihood of cop city being stopped, but it will play some part in the broader story, and when cop city is stopped, that will affect policing in the US. So thats some kind of broad political impact.


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I like how queer and feminism are both on the polar opposite end of the spectrum from "traditional." Im sorry, whose tradtions, exactly?


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I felt kind of the same way about music in 2022. There were a few albums that I went to add to my favorites from this year only to be reminded that they came out last year or 2020. 2020 felt like a killer year for music that I like, but it may have just been that I was paying more attention.


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Oh yeah, Joey Badass's new album! Add that to my list. I was so happy to see new music from him after a gap following his last killer album.

I'm embarrased to say I still havent listened to Kendrick Lamar's new album all the way through. This is why Pitchfork will never hire me...