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I like how queer and feminism are both on the polar opposite end of the spectrum from "traditional." Im sorry, whose tradtions, exactly?


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I felt kind of the same way about music in 2022. There were a few albums that I went to add to my favorites from this year only to be reminded that they came out last year or 2020. 2020 felt like a killer year for music that I like, but it may have just been that I was paying more attention.


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Oh yeah, Joey Badass's new album! Add that to my list. I was so happy to see new music from him after a gap following his last killer album.

I'm embarrased to say I still havent listened to Kendrick Lamar's new album all the way through. This is why Pitchfork will never hire me...


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No difference. The company rebranded a bit earlier this year (maybe last year?) and consolidated all of their services, including Protonmail, under their new brand, now just "Proton." Part of that shift included changing their domain to and abandoning

I don't think you can create new addresses anymore. I think all new accounts are registered as addresses, and any accounts you see now were around before the rebrand.

The services are the same, just a different name.


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Literally choked on my spit reading this hilariousness. 44 days, $115k annually for the rest of her public life? Killer grift.


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Regarding other texts you might be interested in, I've found some solace in reading about gender nihilism. It gets at the root of a lot of my thoughts and understandings and experiences of queerness, and it's been pretty helpful for me lately. Sounds like you might get something out of it based on your post.

Little Black Cart has a solid reader, "What is Gender Nihilism" that serves as a good sampler