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Attacks on VONOVIA in Berlin

The announced takeover of Deutsche Wohnen by Vonovia has been canceled for the time being.

The press conference and show with which the heads of Deutsche Wohnen, Michael Zahn, and Vonovia, Rolf Buch, and Lord Mayor Michael Müller tried to convince the shareholders on May 25th, was therefore in vain. The reason for this was not that any of those involved suddenly began to think about their social conscience. Too many hedge funds had bet that the takeover would work and that they would get even more money in the event of a later severance offer.

Vonovia's executive floor is still determined to buy up Deutsche Wohnen's housing stock and thus to become by far the largest real estate company in Germany and in Berlin.

Vonovia has managed to earn a top spot on the list of the most hated real estate companies in Berlin's urban population in recent years, despite tough competition from Akelius, CG-Gruppe and co. From compulsory modernizations to overpriced utility bills to the purchase of entire city districts, the group has left little stone unturned in order to further fuel the rent madness at the expense of the broad mass of Berlin's population in the name of profit maximization.

Strictly speaking, Vonovia does not even make its greatest profits with our rent. Vonovia's business strategy is based on financial market investments. The group is taking advantage of the global trend towards rising property prices. They come about because capitalism is still in a huge crisis. Because far too much is being produced around the world, there are no longer any sensible investment opportunities for capitalists. The central banks react to this by granting cheap loans with low interest rates - only to banks and companies, of course, to those who are already rich anyway. These conditions - low interest rates and a lack of investment opportunities - make real estate interesting for financial investors in the first place. Under “normal” capitalist conditions, hardly anyone would invest in real estate at all because it yields comparatively low returns. In times of crisis like now, however, in a figurative sense, capitalists walk around everywhere with heaps of money in their hands, desperately looking for ways to invest it. This excess capital then flows increasingly into the supposedly safe real estate sector - and wherever a lot of money flows, prices rise, including rent, because the prices are calculated from the expected rental yield.

Vonovia's business model is based on speculation that this trend towards rising property prices and rents will continue. By financing with cheap loans, buying up competing companies and selling unprofitable holdings, the real estate portfolio that Vonovia holds is growing and, at the same time, the bet is constantly increasing in value. In the second half of 2020 alone, for example, the value of the properties held by Vonovia grew by 2.3 to 2.9 billion euros. Of the 11 billion euros in profit posted by the group between 2012 and 2017, a total of 9 billion can be attributed to such increases in value. The fat book profits lead to fat dividends for shareholders. At least as long as the economic crisis continues and no bubble bursts.

The entire structure of the group is dependent on real estate prices and rents continuing to rise. Because, as we stated, as a financial group, it does not sell apartments, but the promise to capitalists with too much capital that rents and apartment prices will continue to rise in the future. The power of real estate companies, especially Vonovia, is therefore on shaky ground. Because capital is a shy deer. At the moment when it becomes apparent that the promise of rising real estate prices and the associated rising rents cannot be realized, the shareholders withdraw their money just as quickly as they threw it on the table. Vonovia has virtually no choice but to constantly increase the rent.

Michael Müller must have known all of this when he publicly humiliated himself on May 25 in the Red City Hall between the company bosses Buch and Zahn. All the social promises and the whole drivel of social responsibility and “rent dimmers” are nothing but window dressing to take the wind out of the sails of the resistance to the sell-off of the city. Müller once again made it unmistakably clear who the state and government are at the service of under capitalism, namely capital and not people.

Instead of trusting the Social Democrats, who have been practicing lies and betrayal for more than a hundred years, everyone who wants a livable city for everyone should try to ensure that a climate that is as hostile to investors as possible is created in Berlin and everywhere. Through demos, rallies, occupations, house calls, sit-ins, rent strikes, blockades, barricades, burning cars or flying stones, the whole of Berlin can become a risk for capital.

We have made the following contributions:

  • On the night of August 9th to 10th, we attacked Vonovia's Berlin headquarters in Moabit with fire extinguishers and hammers. “Against Vonovia” now reads meters long on the destroyed panes.
  • The following night we set fire to company vehicles in Lichtenberg, Friedrichsfelde, Steglitz, Tempelhof and Wedding.

The minibuses belong to the so-called “property managers” and, as others have already extensively described, they are an essential part of Vonovia's “insourcing” strategy to rip off tenants.

The so-called Bundesschlange, the serpentine building on Joachim-Karnatz-Allee probably houses what comes closest to Vonovia's headquarters in Berlin. At least here at number 45 both the Northeast Area Manager, Sebastian Jung, and the district manager of Vonovia's latest major project in Ziekowkiez, Janna Großklaus, have their offices.

Anyone who believes they can make a profit by making safe and affordable living space a privilege of the upper classes should have many more reasons for sleepless nights than a forced sale at market value, as the initiative wants to own.

Real estate groups like Vonovia, Deutsche Wohnen, Akelius and whatever they are called should be smashed without compensation. The apartments and living space of the people in the city should not be a bargaining chip for the stock deals of large corporations and bigwigs. Not even for the power games of the state politicians and bureaucrats. The houses should belong neither to the state nor to capital, but to those who live in them and who need them, regardless of their budget.

We don't want a sold-out city full of luxury apartments and temples of consumption! We want solidarity neighborhoods and rebellious neighborhoods - from Spandau to Marzahn, from Tegel to Lichtenrade.

Let investor dreams burst!

Against the city of the rich


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The trial of the Kansk anarchists

Consideration of the case of the Kansk anarchists continues on a daily basis. The case is being considered by the visiting board of the 1st Eastern District Military Court in the premises of the Kansk City Court.

Recall that three 15-year-old anarchists - Nikita Uvarov, Denis Mikhailenko and Bogdan Andreev - are accused of "undergoing training in order to carry out terrorist activities", as well as in the manufacture and storage of explosives. The persecution of the comrades began after they posted leaflets in support of political prisoners, some of which were pasted on the FSB building. Now they themselves face up to 10 years in prison.

On August 05, 2021, a representative of the prosecutor's office began to read out the accusation. Only the accused, lawyers and legal representatives of the adolescents were admitted to the courtroom. Neither the press nor the public were allowed to attend the hearing. The mother of one of the accused, Denis Mikhailenko, could not get into the courtroom. Earlier, she was stripped of her representative status due to the fact that Denis allegedly used the Internet while under house arrest. Since then, the teenager has been held in a pre-trial detention center, and his interests are represented by an official from the state guardianship.

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Belarus: Sabotage in the Pukhovichi (Puchavičy) region

On the morning of 07.08.21, to slow down the movement of freight trains, a “jumper” was installed on the railway tracks in the area of ​​the village of Rybtsy. The jumper gave a signal that the track is busy. The morning train from Minsk to Osipovichi was stopped due to a signal that the track was busy. The train began to slow down even in Sedce, then came to a complete halt in Zazerka, blocking the railway crossing. As a result, the train arrived late, and two freight trains with potassium were canceled after it.

Local cops responded. While they were looking for the jumper on the railway tracks, the partisans unscrewed the wheels in their car. The action was thoroughly prepared; the video cameras were previously destroyed in this area.

This is not the first such sabotage in the area. In December 2020, a partisan stopped the trains from running with a metal wire near the village of Maryino. He disabled the alarm. Due to the incident, an abnormal operation of a red traffic light occurred, the work of the railway was disrupted. Unfortunately, then the person who did this was detained. Footprints in the snow led to his house.

[machine-assisted translation]


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could think of better places to attack, but that's neither here nor for the communique it seems like typical (for want of a better word) "edgelord" kind of analysis, but on the other hand the 'attack' seems to be much ado about nothing, a bit of vandalism and the state very quickly opened a replacement centre, but I guess if their aim was to get a bunch of anarchists from around the world talking about it then they succeeded. :-)


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The attack is claimed by the Insurgent Violence Cell / Direct Action Cells. No date or precise location is given for the attack other than the Athens suburb of Psychiko. However all previous DAC attacks have been confirmed as having occurred so there seems to be no reason to doubt the veracity of this attack.

Excerpt from communique:

"The arson attack outside his house in the area of ​​Psychiko is dedicated to those whom Giannis Pretenteris has insulted, slandered, humiliated and deported all these years. It is also dedicated to all the political prisoners whom this bastard has slandered a few times. Finally, it is a call to all fighting forces. Our enemy is not invisible. It has a name and an address.

Comradely greetings to all groups, individuals and cells who choose to contribute to the formation of the network of revolutionary violence that we have described through our texts. We have said it and we are doing it, we are organizing Direct Action Cells to strike state and capital. From Athens, Volos, Thessaloniki, the smoke from the fires foretells the unrest we will cause. With the language of fire we will respond to blackmail and state terrorism."


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No dates are given for the dates / time of the attacks, nor specific locations other than the 2 stores being in the southeastern Athens district of Vyronas.

Excerpts from the communique:

"In a time of global capitalist and health crisis, the government has created a bleak environment of insecurity and fear. She tried to abdicate her criminal responsibilities, like all previous governments, for dismantling the public health system, leaving them to the "individual responsibility" of each and every one.

But really, who is responsible for the thousands of dead in the pandemic? Who is responsible for the non-existent protection measures in the workplace? When were measures taken or large industries closed? Who is responsible for stacking the poor on public transport? Who is responsible for the fact that the private ICU beds were not ordered, at the same time that our fellow human beings were dying on trolleys in the corridors of the hospitals? Who has been served by the government's policy of opening borders to tourists, if not the tourist lobbies? Who is responsible for the sharp rise in drugs and psychotropic drugs, as well as domestic violence during the lockdown period? What politics is sinking more and more people into dependencies, unable to cope with the daily deadlocks of capitalist everyday life? Who wants people oppressed, inactivated and alienated, without collective resistance?"

"The "growth" evangelized daily by the EU-BSE-Government means poor workers, flexible working relationships, fully adapted to the appetites of employers, workers without union rights. This creates an environment where obviously capital will reap greater value from labor, while at the same time paving the way for investments with low labor costs and tax breaks for capital, thus an attractive landscape for investment. This process serves both the local bosses and European and international monopolies."

"Flexiblw working conditions, the intensification of labor, in combination with the lean measures taken by employers, lead to the murder of workers. Hundreds of workers, whether working in the motorcycle sector (courier, delivery), or in construction, or in construction projects in the public or private sector, have been killed during working hours."

"Let us not get used to death in the workplace, let us not forget the deths and the dead of our class, let us take revenge on all those who were murdered by its capital and state. Against the gloomy condition that is taking shape, let us resist with all our might the capitalist restructuring and the intensifying attack we are receiving, as a class and as a movement."





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Early in the morning of Sunday 18/7, we attacked, placing an incendiary device on the transformers of the power substation of AGET, which is located inside the factory. We proceeded with this action, thus paying tribute to our comrade Vasileios Mangos, exactly one year after his death. We do not forget and we are not going to forgive the moral perpetrators of his beating and torture. The AGET factory is a wound for the city of Volos, condensing the attitude of the authoritarian institutions towards the environment and the society of Volos. These are the moral perpetrators of last year's events that led to the death of our comrade, and this will not be forgotten until we see the ashes and the ruins of the factory. In this context, we offer several liters of gasoline and many flames to those who daily spread cancer through the whole city. The system hid the action because it feels and is vulnerable, confirming to us that fear has begun to change camp. It is everyone's business to take life into our own hands on militant terms.

Tears for Vassilis will become their nightmares.

And let us never win we will always fight!

"Vassilios Mangos" Direct Action Cell


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Anarchist Action Organization, a DAC (Direct Action Cells) cell from Thessaloniki have released the names of 21 cops from Thessaloniki who they allege are involved in incidents of " torture and abuse, rape and concealment of incidents of sexual violence"...apparently this is in response to a list that was released by "parastatal journalists working for the interests of the police" that contained the names of 21 male and female comrades who police suspect are involved in attacks targetting the police.

"Retaliation for any police arbitrariness is a matter for all of us. Now each of them individually can feel what it is like to be afraid to go home alone. Count the steps with your breath. Now each of them individually can be faced with their share of responsibility. A minute's silence for every victim of police violence, before the explosion of the devices in the houses of the uniformed murderers.

When we say we are at war, we mean it.

We respond to violence with violence. The head hunt has begun ..."


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The attack took place on the night of July 1st in the Athens suburb of Gyzi. Two vehicles and the facade of the building were destroyed in the attack. The attack is claimed by 'Thousands of Night Suns'.

Excerpts from communique:

"A year before the lines of this text, George Floyd was abused to death and murdered by US cops. Violent conflicts erupt in much of the United States with the main expression being the oppression of the African-American community and beyond. Demonstrations break out internationally from country to country. In Greece, various actions take place. For our part, a year later we keep alive the flame and the memory of the dead and the oppressed of our class."

"It is obvious that in the unprecedented situation we live in with the pandemic and the intensity of the crisis, the bosses want a social desert where the individual is controlled, works, is controlled while working and is increasingly isolated. At the same time, the trade war of the pharmaceutical cartels is becoming ruthless, states are being militarized and societies are being turned into endless prisons. In the same context, capitalism is becoming more greedy for the environment and wildlife."

"...Ford's relationship with U.S. cops is widely known. It is one of the companies that has strengthened the repression exercised by the American state by providing equipment and vehicles. Even in Greece in Laconia, Ford Motor Hellas granted a vehicle worth 48,000 euros for the needs of OPKE cops for the second time. The Mayor of Sparta has excellent relations with this company, while the deputy mayor Thanasis Karlaftis, a former cop, stressed: "I wish other delegations to follow the example of Ford for the benefit of the citizens"."

"PS: A year ago, our comrade Vassilis Maggos was killed by the cops. This action is a reminder that he is by our side in our hottest moments. It is the least we can say in front of what happened. Let the memory crush oblivion and let our hatred rise in the streets.




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July 12, 2021:

Chile registered this Monday arson attacks against trucks and machinery of forestry companies in the southern region of La Araucanía, after the death of a member of a radical Mapuche group in a confrontation with police.

Five trucks were burned by unknown persons who set up barricades and fired shots to scare off drivers on a route near the town of Ercilla, some 590 km south of Santiago, reported Pablo Urquizar, a regional coordinator whose task is to manage policies to strengthen public security in that area.

In the place, banners and leaflets by radical Mapuche groups were found protesting the death of Pablo Marchant, a community member who was shot to death on Friday in a confrontation between hooded men and police who were guarding a forestry company in the Carahue commune, in La Araucanía, which also left a worker seriously injured.

"I make an immediate call to all the leaders of the radicalized organizations to surrender their weapons and choose peace," said Urquizar.

Other attacks took place over the weekend in the area after the death of Marchant, who was part of the Coordinadora Arauco Malleco (CAM), a radical group that, through attacks against forestry firms and private properties, vindicates the demand of the Mapuche people for lands they consider their own by ancestral right.

This native people - the largest in the country - maintains a historical conflict with the Chilean State, which it accuses of having handed over the lands they claim to companies and landowners.

Araucanía and the neighboring region of Biobío - where the Police maintain a strong contingent of special forces - have suffered violence for decades, where in addition to Mapuche groups, self-defense organizations have been operating, while there have been some operations allegedly mounted by the forces of law and order.


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Some English language coverage of the latest DAC communique can be found here:

The author describes the DAC as "anarcho-nihilist urban guerrillas", which leads me to believe that he has no idea what he is talking about, as even just a cursory glance of DAC communiques using an online translator shows that they are more akin to "traditional" militant anarchist groups like Revolutionary Struggle than say a nihilism-influenced group like the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.

It's a shame that the author has gained a reputation of being some kind of an "expert" on militant anarchist groups in Greece - the British journalist Jake Hanrahan for example heavily promotes this guy on Twitter - he even did a podcast with him a while back about the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire that was riddled with inaccuracies.

Anyways, hopefully Act For Freedom Now or Dark Nights blogs will do a full English translation of the latest DAC communique soon.


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excerpt from communique:

"We immediately call on all the people who are suffocating with the exploitation, pain and discipline of the violent capitalist present to organize together, to build comradeship, to raise a war front against any ruler who wants us with our hands tied and our heads bowed. Create Direct Action Cells. In the windless wilderness and the endless descent of our alienated age, let us take a deep breath, let us intensify our anarchist struggle. With the humility and consistency that befits people who fight for life, dignity and freedom."

The attacks claimed all took place in June 2021, but no specific dates are mentioned. The claim of responsibility / communique is signed by the Mauricio Morales Cell of the Direct Action Cells. Incendiary devices were used in all the attacks claimed, presumably the same gas cylinder incendiary devices used in previous Direct Action Cells actions that are often used by Greek anarchists. The targets were as follows:

  1. The home of high-ranking police officer Charalambos Kalogiros in the west Athens suburb of IIon. Kalogiros is Brigadier General of the Hellenic Police. According to the Direct Action Cells, Charalambos Kalogiros, "is currently at the forefront of anti-insurgency strategies implemented to criminalize, depoliticize, to control and suppress anti-capitalist and anti-revolutionary revolutionary actions."

  2. Two vans of the company ACS in the central Athens suburb of Kypseli. According to Direct Action Cells: "ACS is a courier company, a subsidiary of the Quest group, with Theodore Fessas as president, who is also president of SEV. As a structural pillar of domestic capitalist exploitation, it has seen its profits rise sharply in recent years, especially during the period of pandemics and mass quarantine. Poorly paid and precarious work, the "galley" conditions in its stores, the complete lack of hygiene measures in terms of protection against Covid-19 disease, the intensified hours and the unbearable pressure that rapidly increased the risks for accidents at work, all these are a minimal taste of the make-up of this company."

  3. An INTRACOM company vehicle in the eastern Athens suburb of Zografou. According to Direct Action Cells: "With domestic founder and main shareholder of the INTRACOM group, the big businessman Socrates Kokkalis, this multinational contractor holding company specializes worldwide in the fields of high-tech information technology, complex construction projects and advanced defense electronic systems. Its profits amount to hundreds of millions of euros per year. It is located in the bastion of advanced surveillance, control and repression technologies , the provision of specialized military equipment,as well as the looting of the natural world and the bleeding of local communities."

Some more excerpts from the communique:

"We believe that at this juncture we must first and foremost "get our hands dirty" and make violent moves. We must strengthen our lines of defense by building war experience in the example of asymmetric attack. We must catch the thread of the revolutionary forms of struggle but also the inherited insight, intelligence, passion and courage of the hundreds of fighters who watered the history and the struggles with their blood. We must transform this thread into a material historical movement towards the violent questioning of bourgeois culture and its institutions, cultivating today a culture of rupture and rebellion, a practical and experiential perception."

"We wholeheartedly send our solidarity to the anarchist and subversive comrades in the Chilean prisons, and to the anarchist comrade Natascia Savio in the Italian prisons where she is on hunger strike.

A fiery signal of international solidarity to the anarchist comrades Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar, to Gabriel Pombo da Silva, to all the incarcerated comrades in Italian prisons, to the prisoners of war everywhere.

Strength and unconditional solidarity with the political prisoners of the Greek prisons."


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Attack took place in the central Berlin district of Tiergarten on July 4th.

Roughly (machine) translated excerpt from the communique:

"The pandemic has hardly harmed the housing business. Companies like Vonovia in particular continued to raise rents on a regular basis. The average rent of Vonovia apartments in 2021 will be 3.5 percent more than a year ago. We don't care what lip service companies like Vonovia use to gloss over their profit-oriented and misanthropic housing policy. As long as private, listed and thus profit-oriented real estate companies, with a short line in politics, determine our living space and thus our lives, we attack them.

All people have their own need for living space! Against the city of the rich! In memory of all who have lost their lives due to this inhumane profit logic!"


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Rough (machine) translation:

News from 28.06.21

According to media reports, in Crimea, near Sevastopol, a 22-year-old Russian was detained for preparing to blow up a bridge. The detainee's name is Ivan Kartashov. He adheres to the ideas of anarchism and knows chemistry well. According to the investigation, the young man was going to blow up a bridge over the Chernaya River in the city of Inkerman. The attack was planned for the September State Duma elections. The purpose of the action was "to influence the authorities so that they resign their powers." After the explosion, again, according to the investigation, Kartashov was going to commit suicide.

The radical plans of Ivan, who lives in Inkerman, became known in the spring due to his excessive activity in social networks. In particular, he attracted attention by his activity researching so-called school shooting (armed attacks on educational institutions). During the searches, the employees of Center E, together with specialists from the FSB, found supplies in his apartment necessary for making a bomb: a total of 400 g of gunpowder, RDX, okfol and pentrite for detonators, as well as several cartridges.

To carry out the detonation, Ivan downloaded the instructions for making bombs, and stored the necessary components in his garage. A criminal case was initiated under Articles 205 ("Terrorist act") and 222 ("Illegal acquisition of explosives") of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. At the same time, the court has so far decided to detain Kartashova as a preventive measure and sent him for a psychiatric examination.


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An excellent project! I would love to see some content covering some of the info that the conservative anarchist self-appointed vanguard deliberately omit or distort in their "official" version of anarchism in particular the Propaganda of the Deed era when anarchists were assassinating monarchs, presidents etc and setting off a lot of bombs, IE when anarchism was a serious threat to the establishment, along with the post Spanish Civil War armed anarchist movement against the Franco dictatorship that was active throughout Europe up until the mid 1970s and maybe stuff about the 21st century era of insurrectionary anarchsim - CCF, Informal Anarchist Federation etc - I can provide links to source documents online for this stuff if needed although maybe this is outside the scope of a FAQ, just some thoughts.


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Attack took place on June 29 in the southern Athens suburb of Nea Smymi. The claim of responsibility is not signed by any group.

Some roughly translated excerpts from the communique:

"Colonialism is at the core of multinational corporations. They occupy territories using money and political influence, destroying their local rivals. They are ready to contribute to a war and then take advantage of the destruction in people's lives. German capitalism is well aware of such a tactic. That is why, in the past, many comrades have launched massive attacks on DHL and other German companies on the occasion of the austerity measures applied by Germany to the multinational working class in Greece. Of course, the local bosses are the worst, but that does not mean we will leave the world giants intact. We want to destroy them."

"As other comrades did a few days ago, we see the same reasons for attacking the German capitalist companies to support the resistance movement there but also to denounce the cooperation between the German and Turkish states against the Rozava revolution."

"When a capitalist company attacks its employees, or when it cooperates with a state in repression and military structures and actions, then it is very easy to put pressure on them to stop. Especially organisms like dhl that have their yellow vans everywhere in the cities of the world. All multinational corporations are hostile to the freedom of the people, but we can choose what to strike according to the political goals we set."


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  1. June 16 incendiary attack on the Agia Sofia Metro construction site;
  2. June 16 incendiary attack on the offices of the Thessaloniki Urban Transport Organization;
  3. June 28 gas cannister detonated outside offices of Greek public power utility, HEDNO

All the attacks were carried out using gas canister incendiary bombs.

Excerpt from communique:

"Our daily lives are drenched in blood. Dead construction worker, dead supermarket worker. Occupational accident at a PPC substation, in scams of multinationals. And the proletarian base, a spectator in its doom and with tears in its eyes, bows its head resigned from life. Our responsibility is drowning more and more day by day. For all those whose names will not be recorded in history, for all those whose lives were sacrificed for the great interests, for the great overcoming of the crisis of neoliberalism. For all of them we are still here to fight every day. Not to be forgotten. So that their loss is not a simple statistic and numbers in analyst lists. For all of them we are here to give our daily battles, with our small forces. These losses on the battlefield of the class war do not bring more tears but are a cry for new hostilities. Every dead worker is a bullet in the chamber of class revenge."