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Received by Contra-Info website on 10/18/2021

Santiago, Chile: Responsibility Claim for the Explosive Attack against the National Academy of Political and Strategic Studies (ANEPE)

Two years after the October Revolt, nothing is settled Let our practices strengthen and lead to a new urban guerrilla Because ending impunity for murderers, mutilators and torturers will be our victory

On the night of October 17, we installed an explosive device inside the headquarters of the National Academy of Political and Strategic Studies (ANEPE), on the eve of a new commemoration of the October revolt.

This succucho collaborator in matters of State security and maintenance of public order carries out permanent academic activities directed at police elements, in terms of intelligence, investigative strategies and counterinsurgencies. It is a repressive body dependent on the Ministry of Defense, which also shares knowledge internationally with States such as Spain, Colombia, Israel, etc.

Different academics from this den of Power have written about anarchic practices and tendencies, trying to analyze our ideas, dynamics and proposals, with texts of alleged studies about international projects (Black International / FAI-FRI) or the current panorama of our surroundings.

Héctor Barros, a shift official at the South Prosecutor's Office, conducted intelligence and investigation courses at ANEPE, as did Gonzalo Blu, who was in charge of DIPOLCAR at the time of the so-called Operation Hurricane, showing that this site is only intended for to the improvement of the police, judges and prosecutors, and not of "all Chileans" as they claim from this center.

Today marks two years since that October 18 that lit the fuse in this powder keg; fire and destruction erupted from the streets and our eyes saw the expansion of the Social War on the horizon. Our energies and perspectives are in sharpening the actions that promote the new urban guerrilla to combat the impunity of those who murdered, blinded and tortured during those dates.

Regarding the usual conspiracies, the discourse of the montage has spread quite a bit, either due to propaganda practices due to the fact or the fires that at the time affected subway stations. Even anarchists, and sectors with a history of combat, came to spread these annihilating speeches of destructive capacities and elevating a victimist status. We call to continue trusting in our sufficiencies and knowledge so that social peace is not the spoils of the Powerful and that our lives are not dominated under the false illusion of an "oasis".

Almost a week after the Chilean State has decreed the militarization of the Wallmapu, we sympathize with the Mapuche resistance and salute their actions of sabotage and harassment.

Revolutionary Solidarity with Anarchist, Subversive, Mapuche and Revolt Prisoners

14 years after the persecution against Juan and Marcelo began

Because there is a whole world to destroy, to multiply autonomous action

We remember comrades Mauricio Morales, Sebastian Oversluij, Claudia Lopez and all those who have died in action

Cristián Valdebenito Autonomous Fraction (*)

(*) He was assassinated on March 6 in Plaza Dignidad during clashes with the police after being hit by a tear gas canister on his head. He constantly attended the demonstrations and contributed to the attack against the henchmen of Power. We recognize him as a brother and partner in street battles during the October revolt.


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Saw a great talk at Athens Polytechnic when I was in Greece a few years back by the Crimethinc International collective critiquing democracy from an anarchist perspective, OP could really have benefited from attending it :-) If I remember correctly the talk was the launch of the Greek translation of 'From Freedom to Democracy' which I think still remains a decent primer / starting point on why anarchists are opposed to democracy:


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link to claim of responsibility [Greek language]:

video of attack:

note: normally I'd do the translate thing, but I'm tired, the article gives you the gist of it anyway, as does the video which is pretty short but cool to watch :-)


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And it wasn't the only imperialist massacre that Powell was linked to, he also had a hand in Operation Desert Storm (Iraq 1991) and Operation Just Cause (Panama 1989), he was also involved in covering up the My Lai Massacre (Vietnam 1968) - he did two tours of Vietnam, his first tour there was as one of the infamous US "military advisors" to the South Vietnamese military, he often personally led counterinsurgency raids while he was an "advisor".


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[received by Contra Info on Oct. 13, 2021]

La Paz, Bolivia: Responsibility Claim for Incendiary Device at the Chilean Consulate

The Calacoto neighborhood in the South Zone of the city of La Paz, where the rich take refuge behind their walls and their private security guards, saw their passivity interrupted by the placement of an incendiary device composed of 10 liters of gasoline, black powder and a timer, which unfortunately did not meet its objective.

The detonation system was powered by a 9v battery which, when the circuit was closed, had to heat a resistor that, in contact with the powder, would cause the fuel to ignite. We do not know the reason why the explosion did not take place, since the information released in the press about the characteristics of the device is falsified. The system had already been put to the test, but we think that what could have failed was the battery, or, if not, the device was deactivated before its detonation.

The power and its repressive apparatus have attacked anti-authoritarian spaces and compas that irreducibly resist confinement in different territories. This action is a wink of complicity, solidarity and revenge with all those comrades kidnapped in the dungeons of the States.

Let it be clear that the viciousness with which the Chilean State has used prison to punish those who declare themselves at war will not go unanswered.

In the face of the repressive onslaught, not a step back!

In the continuity of the offensive is where the compas are present in the streets. Those of us who are outside assume with joy the task of reminding the privileged that none of their buildings and representatives are free from the attack of organized rage.

Let them know here and throughout the region that no constituent or reform process of the capitalist state is going to stop anarchic action. It will continue to emerge even in the apparently most sterile territories.

In concrete action, solidarity becomes more than a slogan.

We salute the comrade Boris (1)

International solidarity with prisoners at war! Until the last stone falls on prison society!

(1) hospitalized in the Grand Est of Metz (France) since the morning of Saturday 7 August 2021 after a fire in his cell.

From the press: "The Fire Department found this Monday a device described as a 'fake explosive device' at the front of the Consulate of Chile in the southern area of ​​La Paz. (…) The case was investigated by the FELCC [Special Force to Fight Crime] in the southern zone, but security personnel from the Consulate and the Chilean Police Attaché have also been contacted."


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Just to make myself clear, I meant that I think the current UFO/UAP craze touched off by the release of the 3 videos (tic-tac, gimbal etc) represents a disinfo cover story for some kind of military research and/or testing of new craft. I was very unimpressed by the 3 videos and don't think that they showed anything out of this world.

Regarding UFO history besides this whole pentagon UAP disclosure thing, I remain extremely open-minded as to what they could be. Like you said, "these things have got a recorded history going back thousands of years"...and I agree with your comment and some of the theories you have proposed are very interesting.

I just don't think that if we ever get 'disclosure' that it will come from government or military sources, hope I made myself more clearer with this comment.


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Yeah I really enjoy Vallée's work, even though he is a self-described 'venture capitalist' lol...I came across a google drive upload not too long ago full of UFO books and many of his books are among them in PDF format which was a great find for me! This is the link if you are interested:

His theories are definitely some of the more interesting and thought-provoking ones in the entire field of UFOlogy and I like how he doesn't claim to definitively know all the answers, unlike a lot of the current crop of UFO authors / celebrities - many of whom just seem to be complete grifers with zero credibility.

I've actually been reading a new book Vallée co-authored with Paola Leopizzi Harris called 'Trinity: The Best Kept Secret' that is pretty's a promo blurb for it...

"Hard evidence has existed since 1945 for the actual recovery of unidentified flying craft in the United States, according to a new research book, "TRINITY: The Best-Kept Secret" written by two seasoned analysts of the global patterns behind the UFO phenomenon. Italian investigative journalist Paola Leopizzi Harris and French-born information scientist Dr. Jacques F. Vallée have teamed up to uncover the details of a New Mexico crash in 1945, fully two years before the well-known incident at Roswell and the famous sighting by pilot Kenneth Arnold in 1947.

Over several site investigation surveys Harris and Vallée reconstructed the historic observations by three witnesses, two of whom are still living, who described to them the circumstances of the crash, with details of the recovery of a nearly-intact flying vehicle and its occupants by an Army detachment. Combining their long experience in field research around the world, the authors have documented the step-by-step efforts by the military to remove the object, an avocado-shaped craft weighting several tons, from the property where it crash-landed during a storm.

Surprisingly, the literature of the field only includes a few passing mentions about the case, and only one (foreign) TV documentary has mentioned it, but the correlation between the crash of the extraordinary object and the explosion of the first atom bomb at White Sands, less than 20 miles away, has been missed. Harris and Vallée suggest that the correlation is significant for physical, geographic and biological reasons, quite apart from the obvious strategic implications.

The witnesses were able to observe not only the actual crash of the object on their property but every step of the military efforts to lift it and take it away. Fearing retaliation, they remained silent for some 60 years about what they had seen and done over those nine days at the site while the recovery was proceeding. When placed in the context of the history of chemical and physical analysis of retrieved UFO debris--an area where Harris and Vallée have long collaborated—the devices observed by the witnesses raise a number of very important scientific questions."

Unfortunately I had to pay for it as I was unable to find it for free online, but hopefully somebody converts it to PDF or something soon ! :-)


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I've had an interest in this subject for many years. Regarding what is now called the UAP phenomenon, looking at things like the 3 declassified videos acknowledged by the Pentagon (Tic-Tac, Gimbal videos etc) and some of the figures involved in this much-publicized present-day version of UFO 'disclosure', I'm starting to think that it reeks of some kind of US psyop - possibly a cover story for advanced weapons / craft research, development & testing..a lot of the figures involved in the current disclosure movement have very shady backgrounds, Luis Elizondo for example is a former terror suspect interrogator...I think a lot of other people involved in UFO research etc have come to similar conclusions. Personally I still like to think that we have been visited, but I think these incidents are actually quite rare when you eliminate all the hoaxers, grifters and government disinfo, and yeah I find this current willingness by the Pentagon to talk about UFOs and the whole rebranding to UAPs to be shady as fuck. Having said that, I really appreciate the work that the Black Vault does by filing so many Freedom of Information Act requests.


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Machine-assisted translation1:

Attack on the Holargos Tax Office / Solidarity with Kalaitzidis & Mataranga

The state has long made decisions about what it wants to do with those who fight and when the fight they give is against its interests.

That is why on Wednesday 13/10, with a trial set up on an unfounded indictment, the state tries to lock away two fighters for life for moral and physical instigation of a homicide.

But we stand by those who are fighting and we will do everything we can to show our solidarity. That is why today we carried out an attack with sledgehammers at the Holargos Tax Office.




Machine-assisted translation 2:

Attack on Eurobank N.Ionia / Solidarity with Kalaitzidis & Mataranga

The state has long made decisions about what it wants to do with those who fight and when the fight they give is against its interests.

That is why on Wednesday 13/10, with a trial set up on an unfounded indictment, the state tries to lock up to two fighters for life for moral and physical instigation of a homicide.

But we stand by those who are fighting and we will do everything we can to show our solidarity. That is why today we carried out an attack with sledgehammers at the Eurobank store in Nea Ionia.





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English info:

HBDH-KBDH (Peoples' United Revolutionary Movement-Womens' United Revolutionary Movement) announced on 10 October that it carried out sabotage actions against three separate transformers in the city of Amed, in North Kurdistan. Turkey considers the city of Amed to be Turkish and call it Diyarbakir, and claim it as part of southeast Turkey.

HBDH-KBDH never reveal the methods they use to carry out their attacks, but it would seem these attacks would have been carried out with improvised incendiary devices.

HBDH-KBDH is an alliance of around 10 different Kurdish and Turkish militant leftist groups who support the Kurdish struggle. Groups involved include the PKK, MLKP, DKP and other mostly hardline communist guerrilla groups. They were formed in 2016, and the aim of the alliance is to overthrow the Erdogan regime in Turkey.

These latest attacks were carried out calling for the release of PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan and in memory of the victims of the October 10, 2015 Ankara Massacre in Turkey - which was a suspected ISIS suicide bomb attack against a "Labour, Peace and Democracy" rally organized by leftist trade unions. 109 people were killed. It is the deadliest terrorist attack in modern Turkish history. HBDH-KBDH and many other leftist groups in Kurdistan and Turkey believe that the Turkish state played a role in the massacre. No organization ever claimed responsibility for the attack, and no group or individuals have ever been held accountable for it.

Excerpt from the claim of responsibility by HBDH-KBDH: "Colonialism with an international conspiracy: on October 9, it tried to destroy and darken the future of the Kurdish people via the trial of Abdullah Öcalan. This process, which turned into severe torture and isolation conditions under AKP-MHP fascism, both increased its attacks on the Kurdish people's Leader and expanded its murderous policies towards the working people of Turkey. This conspiracy process which is now in its 23rd year and AKP-MHP fascism has turned into a state of terror on the backs of our peoples. It is this fascist government that has partnered with ISIS and organized many massacres, especially the October 10 Massacre, and the fascist Erdogan is personally responsible.

Today, the barbarian ISIS gangs, partners of this fascist power, have been defeated by revolutionary and patriotic forces. AKP-MHP fascism will likewise be defeated in the face of united revolutionary forces. Our every action accelerates the collapse of AKP-MHP fascism and leads fascism to its inevitable end.

As the HBDH and KBDH Kurdistan Militia, we repeat that with these actions, we will win both the freedom of Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan and hold those responsible for the October 10 Ankara Massacre to account.

We Will Destroy Fascism, We Will Win Freedom! Forward, Further!”


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not sure if you are being sarcastic or what :-D but it would seem it is - there is now something called Дружины Народной Самообороны - ДНС / People's Defence Squads - CSN who are active in Belarus, they seem to be attacking police cars, sabotaging freight trains, hacking state infrastructure, and now using modified drones to carry out attacks, they seem to communicate news via this telegram channel: https://t DOT me/s/dns_main

*Note, had to edit telegram URL because the spam filter doesn't like it, but should be easy enough to figure out