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a nationwide anti-autobahn action day will take place on June 5th. this starting shot against auto-capitalist madness was the reason for us to set fire to a strabag vehicle in the night on monday. no people were endangered, no other cars were damaged and, above all, the attack is not directed against the driver (s): in the company car.

In this world, driven by profit and maximization, this company keeps turning the screw on and on, bigger, faster ... draws aisles through landscapes and despite its size is only a small player. strabag is part of the problem of a world that continues to subdue nature.

"every new meter of motorway is cast in concrete, destroying the climate"

Attack IAA munich / greetings to all forest occupations / r94 stays!

note from cretin: according to wikipedia, "Strabag was one of the main profiteers of the Nazi building projects during Second World War and before. It was a main contractor of Todt organisation and built concentration camps, the Westwall and Norway's Blood Road."


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Note: As I've mentioned before, the person who does these updates is not an anarchist and gets a few things wrong sometimes, however their updates are a decent enough source. For example they mention in this update the attack on the German Cultural Institute but claims that they couldn't find a claim of responsibility (it was posted on Athens Indymedia where most of the other info reported in the update comes from) and then goes on to speculate who they think carried it out (they were completely wrong, it was claimed by a queer anarchist cell). They over exagerrate the organizational capability of Greek insurrectos not seeming to understand the free-flowing nature of affinity cells, the way they talk about certain groups and structures you'd think they were highly organized along almost militaristic lines. Having said all that however it is still a decent source for a basic English language overview of what's happening in Greece!


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English info: Attack took place on May 17th and was carried out using an incendiary device constructed from a gas cylinder - a popular type of device used by anarchists in Greece. The attack was in response to a call from comrades in Berlin for international decentralized actions to take place from May 15 & 16 in solidarity with squats / autonomous spaces facing heavy repression. The claim of responsibility for the attack also says that it was an attack against German nationalism. Greetings are sent to imprisoned comrades in Germany, and of course prisoners in Greece too. Mention is made of the hunger strike by former November 17 militant Dimitris Koufontinas and the actions it inspired. There is also a nod to the Flame Dissemination Gang who attacked the Holargos Police Station with fire and called for intensification of actions in solidarity with anarchist fugitive Dimitris Hadjivassiliadis and anarchist prisoner Vangelis Stathos. The communique ends with a shout out to a big list of prisoners including anarchists, Kurdish and Turkish leftist militants and the imprisoned members of Revolutionary Struggle. The communique is signed by Full Face Queer - Anarcho "Maria B"


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Machine translation of mainstream German press report of the attack:

A right-wing extremist from Erfurt was attacked by false police officers in his apartment and badly mistreated. The 25-year-old victim is said to have been involved in the attack in front of the state chancellery last summer.

In Erfurt, strangers disguised as police officers attacked a 25-year-old in his apartment on Friday night and seriously injured him. According to information from MDR THÜRINGEN, the victim is said to be a right-wing extremist known to the police. Among other things, he is said to have been involved in the attack on a group of young people in front of the Thuringian State Chancellery in the summer of last year.

According to MDR THÜRINGEN information, the perpetrators are said to have broken down the door to his apartment with a battering ram in the early hours of the morning. Then the 25-year-old is said to have been tied up. Then the attackers have broken his leg. His girlfriend was also apparently left tied up at the crime scene. In addition, the perpetrators are said to have doused both victims with an unknown liquid.

Initially, there was talk of chlorine, but there has not yet been any confirmation. The criminal police in Erfurt has now set up a working group that is investigating the case at full speed. A spokesman for the public prosecutor's office in Erfurt confirmed the investigation to MDR THÜRINGEN, but did not want to give any further details.

A similar case had already occurred in Eilenburg, Saxony, in mid-March. There, intruders disguised as police officers attacked a 30-year-old NPD functionary and attacked him with a hammer. According to MDR THÜRINGEN research, the investigators are currently checking whether there could be any connections between the two attacks.

The 25-year-old victim is assigned to the violent right-wing extremist hooligan scene by the police and the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. He was one of the alleged thugs in the attack on several young people in mid-July 2020 in a park in front of the Thuringian State Chancellery in Erfurt. Several victims were injured, some seriously, including three plainclothes police. According to information from MDR THÜRINGEN, the victim is also said to have been involved in a right-wing extremist attack in the Leipzig district of Connewitz. On January 11, 2016, up to 300 violent neo-Nazis and hooligans marched through the district. They attacked people indiscriminately and destroyed cars and shops.



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I highly recommend checking out ANF News, it's a leftist, pro-PKK / armed resistance Kurdish news service based in Europe with reporters and correspondents throughout the world that reports daily from all parts of Kurdistan including of course Rojava. It's definitely the best go-to website in the world for breaking news about the situation in Rojava including military, political, social, ecological etc news and pretty much everything happening there really - just check their Rojava-Syria section for daily updates. The website is also available in 9 other languages besides English...