crabbity wrote (edited )

Yea, don't really get what the end game is here. I will happily move out of the way of anyone in the street, because I am a) not a fucking troglodyte, b) have nothing at all to prove to someone I will most likely never encounter in a meaningful way and c) am just trying to get from point A to point B. So I get that the article isn't really discussing me or my behavior, but, it presents itself as if it is with statements like

The point is that men have been socialised, for their entire lives, to take up space. Men who would never express these thoughts out loud have nevertheless been brought up to believe that their right to occupy space takes precedent over anyone else’s right to be there.

These are not useful statements. I especially like the "even if they'd never say it!" hedging built right in.

I mean if you want to make walking down the street, deliberately being as much of an obstacle as possible, some sort of praxis, uuhhh, more power to you I guess. But I don't think you're off to a great start.


crabbity wrote

Yeah just want to reiterate as a constantly-struggling-to-quit cigarette smoker, that nicotine ranks third behind opioids and barbiturates for its addictive potential, just ahead of cocaine.

MAYBE you could swing a few cigarettes a week, but why? If you can get a hold of weed, it is vastly superior in every way. If you want a social habit, get a nice vape box and some nicotine-free juice. The tobacco flavored ones aren't exactly like cigarettes, but there are some good flavors. Personally, I go with menthol juices, since they "feel" the most like a cigarette to me and the brain.