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The Marie Kondo approach to political activism? Gonna be a pass for me. I'm not really sure who the intended recipient of this screed is meant to be. Ostensibly anarchists, but specifically the ones who think that "chanting slogans at carefully planned and orchestrated protests" and holding signs is political activism? don't know many anarchists who think this way.

No more time should be wasted debating over issues that will be irrelevant when we must go to work again the next day. No more predictable ritual protests that the authorities know all too well how to deal with

Guess we'll die, then.

On the other hand, if you spend the afternoon typing an angry letter to an obscure leftist tabloid objecting to a columnist’s use of the term “anarcho-syndicalist,” that’s not going to accomplish shit, and you know it.

Who is this for. Author needs to step into the 21st century.


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Can you elaborate on the serious security issues of Signal? My understanding is that if you circumvent Google Play Services by installing the apk directly, and register with a throwaway SIM, Google's snooping and contact discovery concerns are no longer an issue.