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Classing everyone you disagree with a reactionary or a fascist means you slowly chisel your inner circle down to a handful of people that agree with every thought you have and reject every thought from outside your safe place. That's a sorry way to go through life...


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Depending on the government to protect you is idiotic because the whole reason Americans are armed is to protect ourselves from the government. These are liberal values, the belief that the government can protect you from criminals. Only we can protect ourselves, by arming ourselves and working out to maintain peak physical and mental performance.

Denying citizens the right to free speech and public protest will only give the government the ammo to declare martial law and crush our freedom forever.


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##Respectability politics or the politics of respectability refers to attempts by marginalized groups to police their own members and show their social values as being continuous and compatible with mainstream values rather than challenging the mainstream for what they see as its failure to accept difference##

What is the relation?


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Thank you but I'm not leftwing so that wouldn't be appropriate.

One more thing I would wish to add since you call yourself an anarchist. If the government bombs American cities, its over. The military and population will turn on them and we'll install a new government. Without guns, we would be at their mercy.


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<<claiming 'peacefulness' while promoting policies that disproportionately or wholly harm people of color>>

Black people aren't the problem. The problem is ILLEGAL aliens. People that are INVADERS in this country. We dont have unlimited welfare checks to hand out. Those of us who actually work for a living need to pay for their free ride and it's not fair to ask that of us.

<<racist xenophobia hole you're in>>

I'm not a racist, I actually have dual Israeli/US citizenship!

<<re self-defense; history begs to differ here>>

Not in America. Last I checked, America saved the world from fascism in WW2. Or was that a conspiracy theory too?

<<garbage document written by slaveholders while talking about the freedom of men, and which still endorses slavery, is worth a damn>>

Okay so where in the First Amendment does it say anything about endorsing slavery? Strawman strawman strawman and its so clear to me that you just hate America and want something akin to Chinese autocracy to replace our democratic system.

The system we have might be flawed in some superficial ways, but it's still the BEST system in the world. No country can claim to be as prosperous and free as America. No system is perfect but ours is pretty damned close.