conishuser OP wrote

I never said this is all of the left though, just a small faction of it. I put left in quotes for a reason. You would have to be a fool indoctrinated by voat to believe this is how most of it is.

But their are segmants of the left that are like this is my point.

Also imo religion is a structure of leaders is it not? Spirituality is ones own beliefs. I could phrase what you are saying as "I dislike the people in the government but I dont actually dislike the government". It makes no sence. Part of going after the corrupt leaders is going after the corrupt institutions they lead too. It would be like killing trump to get rid of corruption, but then holding another "election"right afterwards and electing another person from one of the two parties.


conishuser wrote

what if you use illegal actions to harm those who are also preforming illegal actions, or to harm the "little man"? This seems like a big moral problem if you are using illegalism under the guise that you are not harming anyone who is being harmed and are helping the little man from those in power.