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confundus wrote

Finally got a physical copy of the English version of Johann Most's book, the science of revolutionary warfare and I'm hoping to get that into an easily shareable format (with some additional comments) in the near future.


confundus OP wrote

Good to know about Most. I had never heard of them till I came across a reference to this book. Still don't know anything about them really. Don't really care. What they published here is useful. If you know of other books with info like this from more revolutionary types, share them or even just the titles so the rest of us can know about them. Not everyone reads the same things.

Like I said, I know next to nothing about Most other than what's in this book can be useful. f/History would probably happily accept a recounting of Berkman and Most's condemnation of him.


confundus OP wrote

Here's the index

  • Acquisition of explosives

  • Handling & use of dynamite

  • Homemade bombs

  • Self-detonating bombs

  • Blowing up buildings

  • Test results

  • How to make nitroglycerin

  • How to make dynamite

  • How to make gun cotton

  • How to make nitrogelatine

  • How to make fulminate of mercury

  • Incendiary devices

  • Poisons

  • Gun ownership

  • Communications

  • Some more I don't want to keep typing them out...

Obviously some of this is outdated and it's shared here for historical and academic purposes only.


confundus wrote

It's interesting that the anarchists on Reddit like to parrot a lot of the same talking points you hear from tankies defending China, Cuba, Venezuela, USSR, etc. "It's all just lies pushed by the Western news!!" Okay, we can agree, news sources have bias and definitely push false narratives but one needs to look at things critically and particularly when there are independent reports coming from several people, kind of like Emma and Alexander when they visited the USSR and found it was nothing like what the state machinery was telling those outside, one should approach with even more caution.

Plus a firebombing a politicians car will always be more effective than voting against them.


confundus wrote

for the first little while when there was the media blackout that was really tense, I was expecting nothing but brutal bloody suppression like we haven't seen before (which will likely come out that this happened in more than a few places eventually) but without upheaval of the ruling class and their cop buddies. I'm seriously happier than I've been in a long time just hearing about this.