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"This year's flu is among the deadliest ever, killing approximately 4,000 Americans per week according to the CDC."


Also, people actually take medicine for the flu? isnt it one of those "walk it off" ones? unless your in one of the "dangergroups" or what its called. Like bad respitory system etc.


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Hi there! The best way to get in touch with the FairCoop people (im just an enthusiastic follower :)) is in their chat groups (telegram, matrix, fairchat(rocketchat fork)):

Edit: The ask us anything group is probably a good starting point (the ecosystem can be a bit confusing at times to be honest)


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I reckon it has more to do with funding, as all things that are good. Theres no doubt people with skills and and want to do this around the world, but probably harder to afford doing it full time + material and equipment.

We need to get on rural hacklabs.

permaculture - open source ecology - hacklab. Every village should have one.


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You changed your mind about a movie because of something completely unrelated to the movie the director said years later?