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Using rainwater catchment and other restoration/permaculture techniques to restore heavily degraded ecosystems,

Stuff like this:

Or on a more giant scale, like this:


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This is a bit silly though isnt it? Its a pretty neutral protocol that anyone with access to a computer and internet could use. In fact, if I'm not mistaken there were some pretty decent sized appropriations of cash going to Rojava through Bitcoin.

(also, for clarity, I find bitcoin to be ridiculous, the technology itself is cool, really cool in fact, but the proof of concept that bitcoin really is, is just stupid. Capitalism based on the gold standard, without regulations).


They could have just as well made an article called "The Internet and the Alt-Right"


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"This year's flu is among the deadliest ever, killing approximately 4,000 Americans per week according to the CDC."


Also, people actually take medicine for the flu? isnt it one of those "walk it off" ones? unless your in one of the "dangergroups" or what its called. Like bad respitory system etc.