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Yeah fuck walle world...I don't know how people successfully lift from there over and over again...I got a lucky for a while until I got stopped too a while back then again like 4 months later...both times I had bought stuff and lifted so didn't want to leave what I had paid for....well no more walle world for me cuz in Texas 3rd theft charge is a felony.....I hate how they can charge you with theft before you even walk out the doors....they say it's the point of sale

Question for others reading...if you drop everything or just the items you didn't pay for and walk out the door can they really call the cops? You didn't steal anything technically and they can't touch walk around them to the door...

I read somewhere that they will charge you if it's over $60 total....but I can't believe they stopped you for so little ....what happens if you refuse to give them info? Are they going to get cops involved over $15?

Anyways yeah fuck that place


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I do walkout the same way but usually I don't bother with the garden center when I am done...usually a cart full I usually go in the main middle aisle parallel with the front of the store...the. walk to the front out the entrance door....have you ever taken something with the security wire thing out that door? I want to try it since like you said no sensors but worried it might still go off


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I literally just walk out with stuff in HD...most of the time a cart full...I mask up...and try to dress kinda nice...pole and nice jeans and milwaukee hat (it's my favorite)

I see it as I need to look like I can afford what's in my basket...and i don't act like I am stealing...I don't grab like 5 of the same thing...always stop at the clearance section just to look...sometimes I will look at something and put it back like an actual browsing customer...once I make it out the door I hastily walk to my car usually kinda Zig zag some buy I definitely don't run or bolt...I have walked right past cart guys...I always thought wouldn't someone look at the cart and think why does he have anything in bags. Knock on wood been doing it for over a year now to about 4 different HD for a while multiple times a week no lie


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But you don't get caught on camera walking back in and grabbing...then...I guess walking right through the self check out without stopping...

It's sounds like a really good plan but walmart can be a bitch sometimes

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So I like to build/ I mostly finished a 10×20ft pole carport canopy that I found in a Habor Frieght dumpster. (Woo-hoo dumpsters diving) of course this is after I spent 2.5 days trying to convert this 10x20ft into a 30x20ft because the canopy got cut up before it got put in the dumpster, And I had a 20 by 30 heavy duty tarp laying around. But couldn't do it PVC wasn't strong enough... So I went back to the 10 by 20... I still useed the tarp but went all the way down to the ground on the sidewalls. Then I realized it was kind of hard to move on myself so Put 2 by 4 together to go 20' and put wheels under each foot.... Turned out pretty nice I was pretty proud of it....

But there's always a but... My ADHD is driving me crazy... Cause while I finally finished that... I should have been more diligent about working on the cabinets in the cabinets to get a prime prime and painted to go in the kitchen... Since we havent had any since we moved here a year ago and my girlfriend doesn't like it....

Granted I got the cabinets for free On marketplace I was supposed to be concentrating on building a gantry for my engine chain hoist. So then I can move the transmission out of the back of my truck (that I bought 8 months ago and all it needed was to swap out The bad transmission with the good one that it came with)...

Cause I can't really get any remodeling jobs without a truck... On top of that it's a slow time a year... I'm a year and a 1/2 into starting my own little remodeling business...which was not super successful....we got the bills paid

So I am like 3 weeks behind because I get I can't wait to have enough money to go see a doctor and get my Vyvanse script again.

PS. And to top off the stress level.... My shop/shed is not big enough for my supplies and tools so I have stuff in totes and can never find what I need .....