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Reddit has implemented and deployed a mass banning tool that will eventually ban you if you upvote content that is against their content policy. This tool is set up so it can ban ten-twenty thousand people at a time, with a single action. A Reddit administrator marking a popular post as a "content violation" will cause everyone who upvoted it to be banned. So if you decide to stay it's actually useful to check what you will get banned for. Spoiler: it can be almost anything. This policy changed significantly several months ago so many of you may not even know what the current policy is. Here are a few examples:

If you "behave in a way that would discourage a reasonable person from participating on Reddit" - you will be banned.

Remember that 'reasonable person' is not defined as YOU, a Trump supporter might understand it. It is defined as Reddit administrators understand what it means to be 'reasonable'. We don't know what that is but here is some helpful information: According to Wikipedia, Reddit is headquartered in San_Francisco which has under 10% GOP representation, if I understand the data right. Just be aware that their definition of 'reasonable' is not your own. If you upvote anything that falls into the above category you will also be banned.

If you "bully" someone you will be banned.

"Bullying" as understood by Reddit admins apparently includes upvoting certain wrong thinking content, so if you upvote anything like that, you will be banned.

If you "shut someone out of the conversation through intimidation or abuse" you will be banned.

(Except if you shut potentially millions of Trump supporters out of the conversation, of course. Try posting at almost anywhere all over Reddit as a Trump supporter, and tell me how it goes.)

"Directing unwanted invective at someone" - will get you banned.

Not sure invective is ever wanted but okay.

"Directing abuse at a person or group" will get you banned.

Don't you ever think to say anything offensive about the Democrat party. It will be considered 'abuse' as Reddit administrators understand the term and you will be banned. Of course this includes upvoting content that is deemed 'abusive'.

P.S.: I'm not saying don't stay on Reddit. I'm still here too. But if you stay, understand what the rules are as of today, and not the ones you think you know from many years before. Those are gone and are never coming back, Reddit was a completely different place back then.


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A reminder that the Soviets would round up every peasant in a village and pick 1 out of every 10 of them to be shot as collective punishment for resisting the state.


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