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Your completely opinionated comment backed by no evidence at all is absolutely abhorrent and stupid.

I appreciate your shitty attempt at humor but you gotta be witty to surpass the shitty. I never mentioned ban evasion, and simply stated true facts on Islam. What the FUCK is wrong with that? Try to surpass you permanent disability to proffer intelligent ideas and actually understand the fucking shit I'm putting out.


changesnow wrote

Exactly my point. It was intended to sound dumb.

The reason being that loads of people have been banned for stating rational, logical, true things about Islam. Islam is, in my opinion, in 2018, the worst religion of the three main monotheistic ones. There is no religion with stronger oppression of women TODAY than in Islam. However, by saying this, which is objectively true and can be easily backed by facts, I am putting myself at risk of getting banned. I'm sorry I made you spend so much time on that "Christianophobia" thing. I didn't mean it. My issue with the ToS is that it makes it hyper-easy for people to get banned for stating opinions on some religions, but not others.

I'm not saying all religions should be banned of criticism, I love insulting everything I come across so I'd probably leave this site if that were the case.

However, I'm showing Raddle that they are biased towards Islam particularly (no, I'm not denying the Holocaust as one user accused me of in this post)

When a guy called "gonnagetbanned" made a post about religion on Raddle specifically, he made a very true point: "Why does Raddle stick with Islam and Judaism, when Communists and Anarchists openly reject religion as an enslaving force?"

It was a simple question, granted, but the 49 comments on it prove that the answer wasn't that simple. Granted, Islam is critiqued in right-wing media openly in the US, France... and it's 2018! However, that doesn't mean that poor u/gonnagetbanned should get banned for it.

But wait, he didn't, and it's worse. Many people have been banned before for saying "fuck Islam" (it's an opinion, should be allowed as not presenting any wrong information) (and none for saying "fuck Christianity" but you get my point), but he/she/them didn't.

In fact, he got banned for... (really guessing the motive here) "how little you know what you're engaging with" (according to the mod) You know what was the actual motive? He proved the mod wrong and that person couldn't deal with it. See this post: [Don't mind the fact that he created a second account afterwards, which is against the ToS, because he wouldn't had he not been banned.]

So there are two problems on the bans, one of which you agree with, at least (hopefully you'll agree with the other one too):

  1. It is way too easy to be banned for criticism of religion

  2. The mods (at least one of them) ban people for little to no reason, or because they don't like them

The first is obvious, as many users (if I give you too many examples I'm scared of getting banned myself lmfao) have been banned for criticizing Islam specifically, while all they have done is provide factual information and figures about it. (The reason why I mention practices and beliefs or some shit like that is because they accused u/gonnagetbanned to not be taking these into account)

The second is just as obvious: I think you and I can agree that I haven't broken any part of the ToS yet. However, if I were to insult one of the mods, you'd know why I wouldn't be here anymore. ;)

I may not have long before they ban me (haha), so..

Hope to read what you think soon!