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i agree it would be good to change it so there is instead a new page of the comment in context, rather than the comment in isolation. fortunately postmill is open source and /u/emma is always looking for assistance with development, if you or anyone else reading this interested you can help out


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thanks, thats not even why im tired lol. cant go into it, opsec, etc. but yeah i think people are genuinely curious and feeling tentatively positive. but we need to keep putting content and have some structure: I'm thinking it might be good to have discussions of the eps as they come, which means i will have to start listening to mat and virgil again lmao what a blast from the past


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that's fair, I think raddle has a shot at making this site grow exponentially, it has 3+ years of solid development and administration feedback, dealing with various conflicts and dramas and harassment, and adapting to the shifting situations. along with this, it has a unique culture of accountability and transparent decision making which is quite unusual and lends itself to be a great potential space for leftists as well as anarchists for these reasons.

given that chapo was unique as a reddit sub for its broad multitendency and partially diverse userbase, and the positive conversations that while impossible other places, not infrequently resulted there (not to rose tint glasses it, there were reasons I did not use reddit too): this site could totally be a good place to grow the community. it might even happen naturally if left to its on devices at this point, although hopefully we will keep energy flowing over the coming critical weeklong period.

hopefully, we will see if i am right. it would be good if some chapo energy flowed to raddle, including non-anarchists who share the values of the site.


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yeah it was predictable but sad how a lot of the people galvanized by chapo and bernard have kind of melted away or given up. It was a huge disillusioning moment once again, giant waste of time and effort, and made radical people in general look foolish and out-of-touch.

i'm sure there are some small wins and infrastructure which survived that disaster, but USA seems toast now


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yeah all the problems with reddit community aside, it was targeted not for any of those critiquable elements but for the simple fact of appearing "fair and balanced" while banning right wing subs, as well as making reddit more marketer friendly. utterly gutless admins