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You should look up the marxist term, "primitive accumulation"

this will explain why you can't have voluntary approaches to the issue of inequality. There has already been a very long history of accumulation by force, so engaging in pacifism or voluntaryism isn't really going to contest the fundamental inequalities between the Global North and Global South, nor even the smaller divides between the rich and poor withing the Global North.

Voluntaryism lends itself towards neoliberalism creeping back into radical projects, as does pacifism. Why? Because the ideology, at least how many apply it in practice, basically ignores the fact that the dominant society is constantly, and has for a very long time, stealing everything it possibly can: from indigenous people, from workers, from POC, from queer & trans people, from the earth itself, etc.

You can't change that if you don't acknowledge that this is constantly occurring, and find some way to make reparations. And it goes without saying, you can't have consent/peace with a system which is actively abusing people and the environment-- you can only have abuse, or the end of that abuse. Consent and peace are things that happen between mutually respecting, autonomous parties-- not between people who are abusing others, and people are abused by them. And that's what privilege is: abuse.

So it's going to come down to fighting: taking back land and labor and energy and time, and decolonizing it from property rights, from empire, from industrial exploitation, from the police, from bureaucrats, etc. And that's where voluntaryism, for all its redeeming features, totally falls short.

Voluntaryists in many cases become laissez faire capitalists over time, because they haven't let go of the myth that the creation of an anarchist society merely requires us to create internally consistent standards of social interaction. In reality, it is the externalization of costs which upholds the dominant society, and no amount of rearranging the deck chairs is going to change that. We have to, instead, make a choice.

Do you accept this system of privilege as it is, and let the trajectory of capitalism play out until we are all dead? Or do you fight back, by disrespecting the social norms of "peace/consent" insofar as privilege is concerned? That's the only important question, as far as this "Voluntaryist" or "Pacifist" stuff is concerned.


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Well, that's just one of the problems. Google isn't the only privacy adversary to be concerned with.

My main issue with the project is that Signal PM is a centralized service, targeted heavily by state actors in the country it is hosted from/the developers live in. If all the messages are going through one node, and the developers actively prevent others from setting up their own servers, and the dev team basically spun off from a silicon valley tech giant (twitter), that's a bunch of red flags. Combine that with the fact that the userbase is mostly journalists, activists/radicals, people who are legally vulnerable, lawyers, and paranoid people who the government wants to keep an eye on anyway, you have a recipe for a giant honeypot.

It's a great application, but the server end of things is really problematic. Even if they are somehow not compromised internally, there must be a whole department of American intelligence devoted to fucking with the integrity of the project. This could be avoided by decentralizing the servers, allowing people to set up and choose their own relay servers, but for various reasons they don't do that or even consider the centralized model a problem. They won't even allow the apk to be added to other repos like F-Droid. And don't even get me started on the nerfed, totally fucked "Desktop" app-- there is no good solution for running Signal on Linux, and the devs have no desire to make one either. Major red flag.

I think that from a technical perspective, an environment like Matrix is a much better solution.

edit: additionally, using the method you described Google Play Services (which runs as root) is still going to basically have access to all the data inside signal, like your messages; for example, it can log your keystrokes & audio/video input, circumventing Signal's encryption trivially. Google is passively doing this all the time in order to build its marketing profile of you. If you used a credit card or some other form of traceable digital money to pay for the phone, the phone is trackable back to your real identity by corporations & state actors. Plus, facial recognition, plus, speech recognition, plus, Google's automatic contact logging from your phone's contact app (even if you don't store them in the cloud), all adds up to a litany of different ways of getting the identity of the person using Signal, and the messages they send, and who they are talking to. So really, using a smartphone at all is going to essentially make Signal not work according to the ideal design, and the developers have made it all but mandatory to use a smartphone for the app to work...very convenient, for the surveillance state, regardless of what the intentions of the Signal devs are. The fact that they don't take these issues, and others I didn't go into, seriously....well that speaks for itself, imo


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unlike FB and other invasive social media, there isn't really a way to make a closed group on Raddle-- Postmill, the software which Raddle runs on, doesn't have that sort of feature yet. This forum is public, after all. Removing accounts would do nothing to protect the other users, as you can see everything posted here without an account.

If you are interested in making this a feature, you can contribute code to Postmill, which will help not only Raddle but other websites which choose to use it as a framework.


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Hey, btw is there a link to the code in postmill which relates to this update? I was wondering if it would be possible to expand the feature to also allow audio files to be uploaded, but I want to take a look myself and contribute if i am able.