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i think it helpful to understand, and generally i consider myself a materialist. in my practice of anarchy, it has been always first, to be materially grounded, and opposed to all fundamentalist theocracy. I think nihilism and materialism are two stages of the same thinking process, especially considering the history of insurrection in Russia, for example.

obviously, there are many here who are very skeptical of it, what with all the authoritarians who congregate around such discourses. but i think, never throw baby with the bath, yeah?


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In retrospect, I definitely should have not posted contents of your private message. That was a significant breach of trust. It was also not necessary, in order to do what I intended to do. I really do apologize.

At the time, I was concerned for the transparency with which the site is operated. If it is to be a space for anarchist community, I think there is a degree to which there is a shared interest in understanding what risks the site has to surveillance, data theft, extortion, etc. Which, of course involves the administrators. I was alarmed at what I felt was a lack of forthrightness about something pretty important, which is the degree to which we (especially the less technically inclined) can feel secure in the rest of our private conversations on the website.

Regardless, I clearly lost sight of the forest for the trees, as you might call. You also have the right to your security, and what I did wasn't right. In all honesty, I think what is worst, is that you disclosed something emotionally personal, and I did something hurtful with it. I really regret that.

I don't know why, but it appears I can't delete or edit the post. I think it best to remove it, I don't know why you didn't at some point. But, I wanted to be accountable, since it is still here.

I am several years away from drinking now. At least, the drinking I was doing. It made my paranoia worse, and poor judgements like this.

I hope, that we can mend things, to the extent that possible. I have decided to come back around the place, if that is okay. I figure that is fine, since you put the account again? anyway. i hope you are well and good


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even things that help me can hinder me if I don't keep myself in check.

True words, resonating strongly with me as well.

A tolerance break is always good too. ;)

I think soon, I will take one. I will start with a few days, consume cannabis again for a few days, and then try to do a week after that. Perhaps i will use the diary space I have on here, to journal it? You have a good idea.


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It really depends on how you define work tbh. There is plenty of activity I would define as work, which isn't something you can just stop doing.

For example, taking care of disabled people, or gathering/producing food for yourself and others.

Of course, commodity production, industry, you get no argument from me there those things are problematic and need to be attacked as they are destroying and ossifying us. But I don't think it's as simple in my eyes, as it is in this meme.

I love the anti-work character though, they look really cool.


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Because tankies are either harmful or ineffective or both,

Because liberals and chuds would rather shine the shoes of the rich than eat them. Or their shoes.

And of course, because almost everyone on Raddle is fucking vegan lol



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No, the study discusses a decline in the standard of living that will speed up, and that economic relationships will become more feudalistic, during the 2040s.

It's a process we are already in the earlier stages of, it has been occuring since 1970 in its current phase of the process.


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I don't want people to ignore the context, hopefully. I would like to say that, it's a term which is diluted in common usage with a multiplicity of contradictory approaches and meanings.

The same could be said of anarchy and anarchists, and I think it's OK to still try to talk about anarchy and anarchies, just like I speak of communists and communal networks from time to time.

I don't disagree with your argument, you raise a good and perhaps for me uncomfortable point, but do you think it is equally uncomfortable if applied the same way to anarchy?


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Who, if they could feel what you’re feeling right now, could possibly demand you resist?

The person you made a specific commitment to, who did not consent to potentially get STDs or emotionally hurt by a serious breach of trust.

A particularly noxious early crimethinc essay