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Use Riot, encrypt, set history to only visible since someone joins the chat, invite only people you trust after vetting online for 3-6 months minimum, host your own homeserver on a raspberry pi through the tor network.

or just use Raddle because our admins put up with a lot of shit and do a ton of work to make this space available to you.

But do not get yourself and other people caught up by using a proprietary application which has encryption backdoors and is linked to phone numbers. Ridiculous...


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Ah, that explains. there was a user, you probably saw already, who had the slur in names. So this could be a future problem for spam; the body of the text will just contain fashy content which is designed to evade the filter, but the name itself will be extremely vulgar.

Still this is a great development! automating this labor will ease the burden on administrators, ihope


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the only hope is to engineer an entire ecosystem of genetically modified bacteria to eat the tiny bits.

But then we have unknown invasive and invisible species colonizing every surface of the planet. Seems like a bad time

We probably just have to adapt to the reality that petrochemicals are literally everywhere; our bodies, the soil, the water, even the air. It will kill us slowly, but what isn't these days i guess


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You are not alone. Alienation is the common point of reference for most people.

It will be tough to break out of this sense of isolation during the pandemic, but it underlines the need for a jailbreak all the same.



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People with more social privilege or connections and credentials are more likely to get listened to than people who didn't get to access those institutions, even if they have more relevant experience.

The substance of the approach is a good place to begin, but it's not a satisfactory place to end if you want to examine the true nature of social networks and power, and create a discourse which is most oriented towards communication, utility, and accuracy.

Then again, it is only a paragraph lol


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This is the purpose of the technology, to reify the existing profiling system and make it "objective" in the eyes of the law.

It's not even a conspiracy "theory", this is just how machine learning works. Look at the racist twitter bots-- garbage in, garbage out. They're basing the system off of records and pictures available to the police: who would that be, I wonder? Any demographic trends in USA prison databases?


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yeah it also sends all the data to United States Department of Homeland Security through the program FedRAMP. You can look this up on wikipedia.

From a technical perspective, there is no technology that I know of that allows for fully end to end encrypted group calls. Even Jit.si has to decrypt the streams on its server, although it encrypts it over the network.

There's a technological gap that remains to be filled. What's interesting is that despite having this being an obvious military advantage, not a peep about developing this. It appears that there are parties in military R&D who have probably a decent implementation at least, but who are bound by NDAs or something else which is preventing them from selling this in the private sector.

US Military & the capitalists want us to communicate with shitty gaps in our encryption. It is layered surveillance, with redundant failsafes-- they hack your operating system, the router's embedded OS, the proprietary modem your ISP "generously" gave you, compromised closed-source software throughout your desktop environment, your phone entirely, plus they give you only their worst most broken protocols to communicate face to face in with more than 2 people at a time, and tell you its "encrypted" so they can make more money off you.

This is how they trap, trace, and kill potential insurgents. You make gathering in public illegal, close all social gathering points, make it illegal to be within 6 feet of somebody and then force everyone onto perhaps the worst digital application for online organizing that has ever been conceived of. Everyone else will languish in isolation, alienation and media saturation heightened beyond anything even fathomable for most first world people a month ago.

"Zoom" indeed. Real accelerationist hours. You almost have to be impressed at how well the state has taken advantage of the crisis.


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yeah, honestly the police and military have historically been hotbeds of disease during every pandemic i can think of. barracks aren't good for social distancing, so it's ironic that this is the justification for deploying, rather than disbanding the military lol