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Looks awesome OP, what's the process here? You print some pages (I guess formatted correctly) and then you bound them up nicely?

What's the cover made out of? Awesome stuff, sorry if obvious qs.


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Doesn't look like there's any proof out there. Reuters:

Biden described what he called "stomach-turning" reports of "parents butchered," "babies being killed," "entire families slain" and "women raped, assaulted and paraded as trophies."

The Intercept:

Claims that Hamas militants raped several Israeli women have also gone viral, though the allegation has not been thoroughly substantiated, and at least one news outlet has retracted a reference to it.

So I'll retract my comments above, the propaganda obviously worked on me.


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reads like liberal pacifism to me

Yeah I read it that way too.

When people are being pushed in such an extreme situation like exists in Gaza, its inevitable that people are going to respond violently. because the situation is unsustainable and it has to change somehow.

Sure, and this is the question I've been struggling with reading all of the comments on these forums these last couple days. I agree it's inevitable that violent and somewhat chaotic responses from the Gazans occurs given the duration. I agree that it is impossible for the Palestinians to mount a 'good' war or fight fair or whatever.

But I'm not sure that there isn't some useful moralising to be done here, because people were raped. So we can say this was inevitable, but do we affirm the Hamas operation? Do we condemn none of the particulars of the attack, retreating from any moral stance on the grounds it would be patronising, and only supports the settler state?

I'm not saying there's much structurally useful to be done with such a moral stance, but feel that it's important anyway.