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Fourteen? Good for a beginner i guess. I just stole 39 Iphones on my lunchbreak with my patented suction-magnet-suitcase/booster bag and a couple of ps4s under each arm for good measure. I used a bit of sleight of hand trickery to steal the manager's car keys, chucked my haul into his Porsche boot and drove off like a champ. Slept with his wife too.



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Mine definitely falls on the compulsion side of the spectrum too. Most the stuff i get i never really use, it's just...there, like a trophy. I do it more for the thrill rather than getting things i actually need. If a week goes by without getting anything, the urge intensifies. I guess it stems from a form of unhappiness.

But overall, at the core, i keep thinking that some poor person on minimum wage working in the store is getting punished because of me. It's not a nice feeling.

But then i see that judgemental glare in the eye of the guy standing at the security podium and the games continue :)