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It is very funny to see how Guattari is considered as a respectable reference, taking into account that his life is completely disconnected from their writings; a typical bourgeoise intellectual. Enjoy the magic.


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Respect, but without society, there's not intelligence nor rationality, quoting Bakunin.


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Agree; the individualistic dogma that rules our societies is just irrational; life is characterized by the emergent properties which result from complex systems.

In the same way that you can explaint complex pluricelular organism from the properties of its constituyent parts, that is cells, you can't understand the potential of the whole humanity just by isolating individuals and considering that those are just the sum of each part. I mean, for example, intelligence is a emergent property of the society.


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Global conditions are changing, and are not comparable to any one in the past; then past experiences can't be extrapolated. Do you want to know if an anarchist society is possible? Just work hard for that goal, collect the result and analyze them.