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I think this person just created a hierarchy of hierarchies.

They are self proclaimed as anti-hierarchy, but they consider themselves the Truthful judge of the bigness of various hierarchies in the world. And they use these judgements to determine which hierarchies to support and which are less deserving. Essentially creating a meta hierarchy!

Am I wrong?


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tryna smoke.

who else hasn't had a toke in a minute? (I hope none)

who else schedules 4 PM Friday meetings? (I hope none)

who else ain't been acting right? (I hope all of yall)

who else been looking to fight? (I hope all)


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I think negotiating is fine, but I'm not optimistic a lasting peace can be achieved with the current context. There just isn't any trust on either side. How do you build trust out of such a broken relationship? If Russia stops bombing electrical substations tomorrow, will Ukraine believe they don't mean harm, or will Ukraine assume that Russia is stockpiling missiles for a future attack?


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Sachs says in regards to Crimea (around minute 22) "This is, from Russia's point of view, a core issue". Then at minute 24 he says "Russia says Crimea has to be ours". Sachs then goes on, at minute 26, to say that Ukraine should go back to Minsk II, completely omitting the fact that under Minsk II Russia was still arming and supporting paramilitaries in the Donbas as they violated the ceasefire!

This is what Zelenskiy had to say about the Minsk agreements in August:

At the point where we are, we are not ready for a ceasefire. We explained that there will be no Minsk-3, Minsk-5, or Minsk-7. We will not play these games, we have lost part of our territories this way … it is a trap

Furthermore, considering that Belarus has proved to be an accomplice of Russia in this war, allowing their military to train troops there and launch rockets at Kyiv there, not to mention using Belarus as a launch point for the initial invasion, Minsk is not a neutral meeting ground for the conflict. Suggesting that negotiations should occur there is preposterous.

You are right that Sachs does not explicitly say the word surrender, but he does say that Crimea should be handed over, and he does heavily imply that the Donbas (how much of it? Russian military does not even control 100% of it now) should be governed as Russia decides. Without Russian troops first retreating from Kherson and Zaporizhia (ideally without abducting children on the way), that sure sounds like a surrender to me.


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Let's imagine that Ukraine and the West give Russia Crimea, the Donbas, (maybe the ZNPP?), an end to sanctions, and NATO moves their missiles further from Moscow. Then the fighting stops.

But for how long? What is to stop Putin from recovering the Russian economy and military then going back at it in 5-10 years? Won't he be incentivized to do so? I mean look how well it worked out last time! He got so many spoils of war! And now this time he is working from an even better starting position!

It just seems a bit short sighted of Sachs to suggest that surrendering now will produce a long term peace. Sachs stresses how important Crimea is to Russian defense posture. But doesn't it have nearly the same importance to Ukraine?


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I think maybe lack of sleep might be contributing to your hallucinations, so maybe you could try to improve your sleep hygiene:

  • Get some exercise in the daytime so you don't have extra energy at night. Running or other medium/high intensity cardiovascular exercise for an hour or so would be best.
  • Don't eat anything too close to when you want to sleep.
  • Don't do anything stressful or high energy too close to when you want to sleep.
  • Eliminate any source of light from your sleeping area. This can be a computer/phone screen, a window with some light from the street/neighbor, or even small LED lights on various electronics like power strips or alarm clocks. For the last item I find dark tape like electric tape or several layers of masking tape helps.

Hopefully after you've got some solid long hours of sleep, you'll feel better. Sleep is one of your brains best tools to heal itself.


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Reply to comment by MountainMan in Why are you still here? by HexBear

  1. A, in their words, "overshared" about some interpersonal stuff
  2. B responded in a less than stellar way
  3. LL called out B, defended A, and told B to take a 24h cooling off period then come back and apologize
  4. B took a short break, then came back and apologized publicly
  5. A accepted the apology
  6. S commented on the apology post complaining about LL
  7. B deleted their account and halted donations to the site without (further) explanation
  8. S deleted their account and halted donations to the site
  9. Ziq, without knowing much about what happened, complained that longstanding users quit the site and donations dried up
  10. LL took Ziq's complaint a bit personally (from my POV) and cussed them out, complaining about Ziq's complaints about donations, suggesting they (LL) could/should fully fund the site
  11. LL deleted their account left for a bit, maybe indefinitely
  12. A decided to take a hiatus from the site

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Well some people here are allergic to the word community so definitely start by reading the wiki and the various reading lists and essays you'll find on the wiki. Then comment and post to various forums, like /f/collapse or maybe if you are an optimist /f/Green .


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I haven't posted to one of these in a while. And tbh it is not really Friday anymore.

I've been sleeping too much. And too little. Sad in my heart and tired in my brain. Wishing for something else. No complaints. I miss my home. I miss snacking on plantains. I miss my cats. I heard one went muerto while I've been away. I am saddened by her pain.

I don't really know what has got me so blue. And I don't know what keeps bringing me back. I just want to make the most of my existence before it all goes black.


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How do you check yourself out to rule out a cardiac event? I've thought of stocking a pulse oximeter and potentially a blood pressure monitor, but I'm not sure what else I should consider.