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I mean if you want to quit heroin, it IS best to start doing methamphetamine.


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Recently I came to have taste for melancholic movies. I think it started with Don't look up, after which I felt sad about state of the world, but also somehow happy, that other people see things the same bleak way as me. Then I finally saw Melancholia (obviously). And today also Perfect sense. That movie was weirdly the most beautiful, touching and terrifying one I have seen in a while. I was also thinking, how much meat there was shown in the movie and if I am therefore supporting animal suffering just by recommending it. Luckily I at least didn't pay for the movie... Also now always when I see horse riding in movie/TV show or maybe some dog having big role, I feel weird about it, cause those animals have to dance just for our amusement without a choice.


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I think after you stop eating animal products and stop doing the most obvious things hurting animals like buying leather or animal tested cosmetics, there should be milestone saying "Now you are vegan". After that, you can always be more vegan, doing activism, spreading the message, go zero waste etc. There's no point making actual vegans feeling guilty, when 97% rest of the world are the ones that should be. It's this present shitty society, that keeps telling us we are not enough, not doing enough, are being lazy and so on. No need to stain anarchy with the same doctrine.


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Also I feel like if it ever gets connected to me people will use it to undermine my anarchist theory texts without engaging in them.

I've read something about comic/furry artists creating whole different online persona to publish their NSFW content, for similar reasons you describe.