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This one of my main gripes with anti theist anarchists is that they can be authoritarian when it comes to religion Although now that I think about it it’s also one of the main gripes anti theist anarchists have with Christian anarchism is that they can also be authoritarian Obviously it’s not universal or even common for both but still


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You know what those are pretty good points but the reason I brought it up is that your initial point was suggesting we should live more frugally, which is what Christianity also encourages, but many socialists and anarchists accuse Christianity of wanting to keep people in poverty so yeah...


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Tbf we see the Christian part as more of a motivation then a goal and even the more conservative members tend to take a “live and let live” approach when it comes ‘fun stuff’ and we frown on stuff like coerced or manipulated conversions

Also I think anarcho-Christianity is a better name


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  1. So kinda a “fifth position”?

2 i mean quite a few anarchists argue that anarchism is anathema to politics it self so yeah

3 I do think we should come up with alternatives but our main priority (at least in the short term) is criticising systems

4 Hmm have some big reservations about that but I have no problem as long as you don’t pull the “Christianity wants to keep us in poverty” thing in response to Christian socialism/anarchism

5 fair

6 yep I have noticed this website is into more esoteric and exotic forms of anarchism that’s for sure


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As in an unpopular opinion? Well i have a few but I think this is definitely the most unpopular one, especially here...

I don’t like anti theism, granted that’s probably because I’m christian which now that I think about is also kinda unpopular here but still, I think they are ironically pretty dogmatic and zealous and I think even when it comes to anarchists it can quickly lead to tyranny and violence (on reddit there was a “anarchist” who deadass said there should be a “don’t say god” bill), now don’t get wrong I do agree with some of their points and I also understand that many become anti theists (especially if they’re lgbt etc) because they have been wronged by Christianity and or other religions but still, bigotry should not be answered by bigotry and hatred should not be the answer for hatred