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I really liked this article:Why People of Color Need Spaces Without White People, that tequilawolf posted recently, it was a good read even if it was directed to white audiences. some selected parts:

  • The values of whiteness are the water in which we all swim. No one is immune. Those values dictate who speaks, how loud, when, the words we use, what we don’t say, what is ignored, who is validated and who is not. Unless we are actively and persistently dismantling these constructs, we are abiding by them.
  • The act of supporting people of color is one of subversion. We are subverting white cultural conditioning. These are the values that fuel our institutions and organizations; they fuel our social hierarchy and how we self-identify. Undermining this conditioning requires fierceness and bravery. Anyone doing this will be challenged. Will you be an accomplice in supporting PoC spaces?

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another gkerf ):

gate keeping is legitimate work! stop degrading the work of proletariats without giving them options!


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some edits:

  • every other day raddle becomes worse than tankie twitter
  • it doesnt matter which room is which, it isnt apart of this site, and doesnt dictate anything on this site
  • dale has been nice to me, whereas ziq has historically been manipulative and is currently hostile towards me

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  1. I will try making a drone (do you know of any illustrations of drones that I can base it off?)
  2. I might make the nespaper 2d or something, I based it on a windows95 32x32 logo that didnt scale down well
  3. I changed the cop car to be the US black and white as opposed to the more internationalised checkered pattern (expanding my monochrone color palette as well).

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Me too, and I am also against anarchism. Instead, I want a society where everyones needs are met, without the imposition of coercive labour agreements. This is to be achieved through direct democracy, the abolition of private property, and common ownership of factors of production that will ensure a stable, wholey anti-anarchist concept.