buzz wrote

I agree with ziq, their is a barrier to enter conversation on Raddle, which prevents strong growth. Raddle needs more opportunities for entry to grow faster that builds a dependence on this website. This has historically worked because past spaces have been literally "removed", speaking to /lwse and /shoplifting. The opposite has been seen with /megalinks, as they all transferred to some other forum with a search function (among other issues)

I don't think that fast growth is good for Raddle, you would rather want to create strong community attachments for its current members. This would be achieved through creating conversation and more relationships beyond that - the reading group, the coding club, and art thing was good examples of this. But these unfortunately have largely failed because there isn't enough peoples to propel discussion and activity, and people who actively want to sacrifice their time in organising things like that (including me).

My post is kind of a mess but in summation; positive growth created through good discussion and community relationships needs to be improved.


buzz wrote

yeah i dont really understand this either; "like finding someplace -some base- from which to actually speak-out and fight?" >> isnt this the goal of all action