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yeah i dont really understand this either; "like finding someplace -some base- from which to actually speak-out and fight?" >> isnt this the goal of all action


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does anyone have a self-hosted rss feed we can use? you can subscribe to these feeds, create an ifttt integration to post from the feed to reddit, and then use the reposter to post them here. bit convoluted but i dont know how to code thanks

otherwise we could repost from r/breadtube


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nice article ~~~


In Asian communities across the world, there exists a fundamental lack of understanding and empathy towards black people, born of our own histories of colourism and fuelled by our hearty embrace of ‘meritocracy’ — if we can, why can’t they? We are either apathetic, or worse, active participants in the racist discourse that blames Black people for their experiences of prejudice and poverty.

Asian communities are in a unique position to both understand racial discrimination and have access to certain social privileges, yet too often we neglect to use our empathy and resources to support our Indigenous brothers and sisters. Instead, we are encouraged to keep our heads down, become doctors, lawyers and engineers, and settle into apathy and complacency, all the while remaining vulnerable to racial abuse and discrimination.