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Thanks for sharing, it was a good read. A few thoughts from a non vegan:

Eating meat does not have to come from the abhorrent practises of industrial agriculture. Nor is eating meat synonymous with speciesism. Life feeds on life and always has done, one can deeply respect and connect with the food that sustains them. I too will become food for other organisms when I die.

Veganism does rely on the wholesale clearing of wild land to grow food. Land that was home to countless species of plants, animals, insects, etc - so if meat eating is speciesism, so too is veganism (not to mention ignoring that plants are species too).

Our culture has a fear of death and tries to hide from the reality of the circle of life. Industrial agriculture conveniently hides the process that results in packages of meat on the supermarket shelf. I do think some vegans also try to hide from the death that supplies their sustenance.

I share your anti-political perspectives but disagree that veganism is a necessary element. Civilisation leaves us with no easy paths and no path is perfect. As individuals we try to choose the paths that are best for us. I stand with you as an individual against civilisation. I don't think our differing diets should be a point of contention.


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Watched it. Disappointing.

It's an attempted psychological profile. It makes no serious attempt to convey the gist of his manifesto. Any environmental destruction is simply used as a tool to provide fuel for Ted's anger.

The Manhunt Unabomber series did more justice to Ted despite it being primarily from the FBI's perspective.