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Sorry for my late reply. There are courses around that teach "self defense" that focus more on practical aspects of defense and survival. You might want to check around locally. Sometimes cops run community courses at the Y or whatever. I'm not knocking martial arts at all, but eye gouges and elbows to the nose never go out of style.

For situational awareness you might google "Cooper color codes." This is very basic, but helps to get your head in the game.

As a side note, I'm reading a book called "Left of Bang" regarding developing your "Spidey sense" for trouble. It's interesting.

But basically, stay alert: don't sleep on buses, watch people's hands and expressions, watch for pre-fight indicators, avoid bad neighborhoods, lock your doors, be friendly but a little paranoid and suspicious. That sort of thing :)


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As far as I understand it, the term "eco-fascism" in the past has been used as a perforative term by climate-change deniers against environmentalists, but in this usage the operative term is the "fascist" part. That, of course, is the thing to focus on.

Damn fascists. First they stole the swastika, then they stole Matt Furey's Pepe and now environmentalism. Go figure.

But seriously, another thing that seems significant to me in my research is that this strain is particularly inclined to violence, or at least that's how they present themselves in social media. If anyone else has some input I'd love to hear it. This is my current research topic.


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I wholly agree with this also. I'd also add that private companies have a choice on what they will or won't tolerate, and that refusing to tolerate hate speech does not constitute "censorship," as much as Gab and Rob Monster of like to rail on about. I believe in free speech, but I won't tolerate hate speech in my house, my work or in my presence. Not censorship, just being a decent human being.