bryl wrote

Yes, I'm finding that to be true now. My target is a little paranoid and is a semi-public figure. There are a couple of items of information that I am having a hard time getting at because of this. I have quite a bit on the target's family, however it seems a bit dirty pool to give them trouble, even if it means causing distress to my target.

Effective dissemination has been something that I have been thinking about. I mean, I don't think most people really check on links to obscure pastes. Maybe targeted dissemination is more effective? Ie, to associates, employers, etc? I believe, though can't yet confirm, that this was the reason for the termination of my target's day job (sent anonymous link of target's YT channel via email to the employer). Seemed to have an effect. But of course I can only infer this from what the target says publicly.