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So even if it didn't happen and it's all proven lies to create justification for an imperialist invasion of a socialist country... We're not allowed to talk about it? Is that what you're telling me right now? Do you ban people for discrediting Iraq's WMD program too Mr. Alphabet?


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Lots of Buzzfeed articles, and they all invariably cite Adrien Zenz, or US govt-funded propaganda projects (usually both!)

It's absolutely shameless. They're trying so hard to give ammo to America's upcoming invasion of China.


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It's not that complex, the new generation of leftists are just not as willing to swallow imperialist propaganda as you middle class boomers.


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Underlying radlib hand-wringing over Han Supremacy is a crudely racist fear, a nightmare of being overrun by an oriental horde. As well, an unacknowledged and/or unstated anxiety over the upsetting of the american-led neoliberal order.

Trendy buzzword, sound and fury, signifying little. Brainlessly parroted by those with no understanding of the complexity of Chinese society, with no meaningful way to access its subtleties, and with no knowledge of China's classical and modern history. Too lazy to investigate, too arrogant to admit itknowledge deficiencies, and blind to their solipsistic ignorance.

If they were to investigate, they would learn that constitutionally acknowledged and protected minority rights, and substantiv programs and policies of affirmative action, have resulted in this contradiction:

A regressive social current, (which yet doesn't rise to the level of dominant social trend), asserts the superiority of Han culture and history, precisely IN REACTION to the progressive role of the CPC in protecting and elevating minority populations.

If the Party promoted Han Supremacy as a matter of state ideology, policy and practice, it would be indeed intolerable and unsupportable. The opposite appears to be true.

In their ignorance and confusion over the dialectical relationship between progress and reaction, radlibs conflate an internal social current with Chinese state ideology and practice, project onto China the historical and current deficiencies of the West in the protection of minority rights, as well as betray their own personal racist anxieties.

There is no Han supremacy period. People who say there are is stretching circumstantial evidence and are doing so in bad faith.

The reality is the opposite. The CCP has done much to ensure that minorities are protected and included.

They have good representation in the state. Areas like Xinjiang and Tibet have received economic development. They also were allowed more children under the one child policy to ensure that their numbers don’t dwindle.


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Now, there are some bad takes on China here, for example some less than trustworthy sources gets posted and upvoted in the past.

You literally have admins saying China bad on here in response to a sincere question, it's not even close to being subjective how much y'all hate the Chinese people!!

definitely anti-biden



Biden sucks buuuuut let's support him anyway is not being anti-Biden, sorry. Y'all on here always seem to find a way to excuse rape and other attacks against women. A big proportion of this userbase are literal pedophiles which I know comes with the territory when you cater to proud libertarians but it's still really fucking indicative of how accepting y'all are of rape / misogyny and not just when Joe Biden does it either. Even your own people admit the site is full of misogynistic attacks and your mighty leader was even caught trying to groom a 15 year old girl lmfao.


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Exactly. This is what these anarkiddies don't get, China is literally surrounded by enemies and the only way it can stay independent is by making sure its land isn't colonized by imperialists. Taiwan, Tibet, Hong Kong all need to be protected against colonization from America even if the people living there have drunk America's kool aid. China is one land and letting it get sectioned up by the imperials like they did to the middle east will destroy the revolution.