boringskip wrote

Hooktube is fascist, pretty sure YouTube will use html5 if JavaScript is off. Tor Browser has JS enabled by default for HTTPS sites.

Not sure what Tallow is

If you use BitTorrent, use a VPN, not Tor, they're safe enough from the copyright police. Mega over Tor will be REALLY SLOW, and I think they use JavaScript.

PDFs can have a ton of malware, either use or open them in a VM. Maybe the default Linux PDF reader is OK, I don't think it executes anything or makes internet connections. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

I would suggest either AirVPN (it allows you to run servers behind it, too!), Cryptostorm is very secure but not for noobs, NordVPN is pretty trusted, and Private Internet Access was court-ordered to turn over logs and sorta proved they don't keep them. If speed isn't a concern, has a free one thats fine for occasional torrenting. But if you're just concerned with pirating, any VPN is fine.


boringskip wrote

So. Many. In the driest soil possible it seemed. Had a (thankfully paid) internship at an environmental/marine bio non-profit and did the Million Trees LA thing. Imagine a bunch of nerds going door to door in the hood, asking if people want a tree.