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Lol they tried to pay r/anarchism to run ads for them:


We're writing to you today to see whether you would be interested in accepting payment in exchange to advertise our brand new forum on your subreddit and to your community. The forum in question is As you may have guessed from the domain, we're a left leaning political website/forum. Our goal is to create a community for people interested in politics and world events who wish to discuss anything related to politics on our forum. We also have sub forums for non political discussion as well.

As of now, we have finished designing and developing the website and forum - all that's left is the users. We believe being advertised or having a paid sponsorship with your subreddit will increase our user activity.

If this is possible, we'll love to continue this conversation with you regarding prices and how this advertisement or sponsorship will be done. If you have any questions regarding our website we'll be glad to answer them.

Our business email is

Thank you.


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You could always donate to emma's bitcoin for development.


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Looking at your post history, you seem to be some kind of tankie so I'm not surprised you're attacking me and calling me a liar for asking for more information. Fuck you.


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We need to ban all tankies. Stalin was an ardent gaybasher. The gulags were filled with LGBT people.


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I'm not reading your whole post history to find it. Did you even report the ableism to the admins?

And I didn't downvote you..