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Utopia is Greek for "Nowhere." It was coined by Thomas Moore in his 1516 book of the same name. In it, More wrote of a fantastical island Utopia with a supposedly "perfect" society, which he laid out down to its finest details.

The reason why this approach doesn't work is that no society is or can be static. Societies live on land bases which change over time and that affects how these societies live and function. A "perfect" arrangement for a society would eventually be undermined by its own land base. Societies also exist in relation to other societies, these relations change over time, and the internal structure of societies changes over time in response to these changing relations. Then internally inside societies, different groups exist in relation to each other, these relationships change over time, and that changes these societies, too. And so on and so on.

So after a certain point it becomes clear that society is too complex and dynamic for us to really contain it with a picture-perfect model of the future and even if we could implement such a picture-perfect model the constant change that is life will undermine its perfection.

In reality, we will have to build the system of the future through trial and error, basically, and it will never be perfect. Once we realize this it becomes less important what the specific structure of the society of the future will be, and it becomes more important to consider what this future society does (what kind of social relations is it based on -- oppression and exploitation or free relations, etc?)


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No matter what the stance you take as forum admin is going to have more "weight" than others on here. I think it is a common practice for forum admins to try to be conscientious of the fact that they have authority on the site and that what they say is going to be viewed through a different lens than other users.

Probably only an individualist anarchist would fail to see this