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If it's not being used, and is just linking to other things, no one will see it except people already interested. This makes us lose a lot of reach on Reddit, doesn't it? It we want something linking to everything we might use, we need something off Reddit to do that so we have better control of it.

You can keep it alive indefinitely this way because there's no way the admins can say we broke any rules. And if they close down the reddit subs its linking to, we can just make new ones and link to them instead.

Why not have the sub be less "violent" and link to other spaces. Keeps the reach and still links where we want to.


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Bramble, a 27-year-old border collie whose vegan diet of rice, lentils, and organic vegetables earned her consideration by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s oldest living dog in 2002. Studies have shown that the ailments associated with meat consumption in humans, such as allergies, cancer, and kidney, heart, and bone problems, also affect many nonhumans

Dogs are are not obligate carnivores.