bmrgould01 wrote

Hmm, that could work.

That makes my mind race about how to organize the system though.

How many layers would be best? Just the general sub categories, so two layers? Then specifics would need to use tags/flairs/title formatting/whatever to organize things?


Syrian Civil War



Canadian Politics USA Politics

Should a sub category be allowed to be attached to multiple top levels? Or specific posts allowed to hit multiple sub/tops? Or should that be dealt with the x-post concept?

I dont know what would work best. A simple system may be best. Maybe all subs can be part of categories? Categories being their own forum that is a pool of many?

If categories had the and subs had a alternative url system like I mentioned, maybe that would work best? Having admins control which subs are part of categories, or the default categories at least?

Sorry that my comment is a ramble. Just typing as I think in case anything is useful.