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For cheap, doing the processing yourself is where you can save the most money, at the cost of time and effort. So buying dry beans instead of cans is a lot cheaper, but will require time to prepare them ahead of time.

Protein is one of the easiest parts, definitely not the nutritional aspect to worry about. Generally I would recommend tracking your food for ~2 weeks while you adjust. It will give you a good daily idea about what you missed in your diet, and how far different quantities of food go.

Things to watch(imo): Calcium, Iron, B-12. I find iron easy to get, but that's based on my own diet choices. B-12 supplement, easy cheap. Calcium requires effort to eat greens and/or fortified foods.

Recommended Meals that should be cheap:

Grains + Bean + Frozen Veg

Pasta + Canned Tomatoes + Frozen Veg

Chili: 2 Canned Tomatoes + ~2-3 Canned Beans + Tofu

Stir-fry: Rice + Frozen Veg + Tofu

Oatmeal: Oats + Frozen Berries + Fruit

Potatoes: With whatever

Processing Cheap Foods:

Typical dry beans, such as Chick peas, black beans, kidney beans, are easy to process, but take time. Wash them, soak them in water overnight (12h+ but less than 48h because water will stagnate), then change the water and boil for 10 minutes, then shimmer for the required time (usually 1-1.5 hours). Drain and let cool, ready to use.

Dry lentils require minimal prep, no soaking, and time for cook/shimmering is between 15m to 1h depending on type. Easy to use for soups and curries.

Rice is easy. Though eat in moderation because of arsenic, Soak Strain Drain the rice. Cook with turmeric, but not too much because it's fairly potent.


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If it's not being used, and is just linking to other things, no one will see it except people already interested. This makes us lose a lot of reach on Reddit, doesn't it? It we want something linking to everything we might use, we need something off Reddit to do that so we have better control of it.

You can keep it alive indefinitely this way because there's no way the admins can say we broke any rules. And if they close down the reddit subs its linking to, we can just make new ones and link to them instead.

Why not have the sub be less "violent" and link to other spaces. Keeps the reach and still links where we want to.


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Bramble, a 27-year-old border collie whose vegan diet of rice, lentils, and organic vegetables earned her consideration by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s oldest living dog in 2002. Studies have shown that the ailments associated with meat consumption in humans, such as allergies, cancer, and kidney, heart, and bone problems, also affect many nonhumans

Dogs are are not obligate carnivores.


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It's back up now.

Apparently it was a mistake, taken down with the whole "anti-ISIS" campaign they're doing. It seems a lot of anti-ISIS campaign has them hitting the wrong people in their blanket of bans.


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Yes, that should work much better.

The last number is for other, meaning anyone who isn't the owner or the group. including an outside user who gained access to your system and you wouldn't want touching anything. Giving Other the ability to execute anything is a security risk that would preferably be avoided. Combined with the ability to read and write.. they could do whatever they want.

(7 is Read, Write and Execute)


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Yeah, OW is my main game.

Ana is my main, but I can fill all roles. Only heroes I'm not comfortable playing are Genji and Hanzo. Sym is my favourite, but only useful for some things.

Rank is ~3700. Third season in master, spent all of last season between 3500-3750. Don't really care about getting to GM or getting better so I'll probably stay there again.


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I don't really like the measurements used. I think the most useful is dollars per calories, and nutrition per calories. So, not a fan of basing it around mass.


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Quote from the video

(...) but we don't know how to reflect on the food we put in our own bodies. We don't realize the extent we are implicated in the whole process of Capitalism by participating uncritically, in the food politics offered us by the great corporations.