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bloodrose wrote

I have a spider phobia. I tried to watch it. I had to play video games on my laptop the whole time and not look up. Every time I foolishly looked up, there were big, awful, realistic spiders. My husband who has no phobia still had problems watching it.


bloodrose wrote

I am kind, loving, and emotionally supportive. This makes me good at relationships, friendships, and a good parent. It is also a weakness, but I still prefer it to the alternative.

Also, I have pretty eyes.


bloodrose wrote

To those opposing, I have a question: is the opposition because you believe the request is to remove the forum completely? I think the proposal is to remove it from featured - the default front-page if you will.

I support it because the threads in there sometimes devolve into slurs (such as the c-word) that need moderating. If this is what a new user sees all over the featured front page before moderators step in, they may have an inaccurate view of raddle.


bloodrose wrote

Wait. Is this in response to my post New! A Hotline for Racists that you called divisive? It was making fun of people who call the police on black people for doing things that aren't crimes. Being made fun of is kinda the least of the consequences they should face. This isn't attacking white people. It's making fun of white people who are making black peoples' lives hell for no good reason.


bloodrose wrote

/u/GrimWillow did a better job than I will at this, but I'll give it a whirl:

Yes, you did not explicitly say "Pedophilia is okay." However, you did say that you thought it was reasonable to be skeptical that pedophilia is harmful. You did try to come up with an example in which a child "consented".

If you were in a group of people who beat someone to death; in this instance, you didn't produce the killing blow but you sure helped with a few punches and kicks.

You don't have to be explicitly for something to be doing the work of slowly chipping away at the opposition to it.

Please stop. Please.