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Story time!

Weekend before last, I went to an Anarchist book fair. It was filled with POC and various types of trans/queer/lgbt folks. I am a cis white woman with very blonde hair. I am het-presenting as I have a monogamous relationship with my babby-daddy (bi-erasure is so real). So, I look like a fucking Becky. I look like some bitch that is going to call the cops for selling a bottle of water. I look like a hetero person who never experienced harassment for being gay (I have when I've dated girls but I sure don't look it).

You know what? I felt uncomfortable and a little unwelcome. People were okay enough, especially when I was dropping coin at their booth. But I bought a "Death to White Supremacy" shirt and the coldness from the people selling it to me made me wonder if they wanted to sell it to me. I have strategized how to look like less of a fucking Becky next year.

Am I offended? Absolutely fucking not. It was a really great teaching moment. I talked to my husband about it and told him I felt uncomfortable and realized that is probably how everyone in that space felt every day outside of that space. I felt uncomfortable for a few hours but then I got to leave and go back to suburbia where I look like I belong and people trust me just because I look cis-het-white. The people in that room do not get that. They are in that negative space every day.

So, if you're uncomfortable with what we're saying when we're on about whiteness and maleness. Try to do like me: embrace it. Learn from it. Wonder how you would feel if this is how it was for you every where you existed. It's good to learn. It's good to empathize.


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I just watched it in a half-empty theater (in a theater that has reserved seating and is usually always full). It was his best work to date. In previous films, he has asked people to get involved in the system/process. This one ended with "we long for an America we never had." I learned a few things I didn't know. I sobbed openly and got some weird looks from people in the theater (but screw them - if you don't cry over cell phone videos of children in terror while their classmates are dying, what will you cry over?). It's still not an anarchist film but it, like other films of his, was a pull to the left for what little left there is in America. It was decrying the pull to the right of the American Democrats. It was pretty good.


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YURT? I want a yurt, too! Yay, let's be Yurt buddies!! Have you seen GerTees?

As to the teeth, every time I go to the dentist, they ask me if I want to whiten my teeth. I say "no, I'm not going to stop drinking coffee so it's kinda pointless". But I also think why would I want to whiten my teeth? So other people can enjoy looking at them? It's not like I see them all that often. (Edited to add: by the way, my teeth aren't even super yellow, they just aren't unnaturally white)


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I keep finding beautiful, wild places to live that I want to run away to. But they are all far away from my mother. Which would take my daughter away from her grandmother. She only sees her once a week but it's her favorite day of the week because she sees her grandma. It would be cruel to take that away from her. But at the same time, I'm working so many hours, I'm going to die young and she'll be out a mother. I don't want to be a cog, I want to be a feral human. I feel like I have to be a cog to make my daughter happy. Oh, rock and hard place...

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Seriously? Can you not read your own fucking writing. You said

But also so are you by continuing the aggression after discovering that I misunderstood and thought I was being attacked.

So I addressed what you called "continuing the aggression" which were the other comments in which I used expletives. Now you are coming and asking "what other comments?" The other comments you labeled aggression.

How do you not understand what you fucking wrote? You are tiresome and I am done with you. You are just trolling and wasting my time.

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Please understand, the other comments were in response to other things you said.

  1. Pulling in philosophers to a simple ask of "what do you mean when you ask for x" is a red flag to me that just want to argue, feel like everyone should argue with you, and thing that everyone should know all of the arguments you are making without background information. I hate when people feel entitled to an argument.

  2. Also, you said I feel oppressed by reason. I said no such thing. I said when I see people use rational/irrational, it's usually people who are oppressing others. Usually people being upset by being oppressed are told they are behaving irrationally. Like when a cop shoots a black person for acting scared while a gun is waved in their face will say they were behaving irrationally.

Or are you saying all of those things you said meant nothing because they were irrational attacks based on the false belief you were attacked?