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Forced'? A child eats what you give them. Every child's diet is 'forced' on them

This. I had this fight with my husband when my child was 1. But as the stary at home parent, he won. So now my kid has a taste for hot dogs and burgers. Now that he is finally vegan, I'm trying to replace these foods in my daughter's diet.


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I mean, if I think of myself, I'm just kinda okay with myself. I know I have a lot of work to do and I do work on it, but if I just loved myself right out the gate, I might be unable to critically think on my faults and grow. People I have known who loved themselves, truly believed everyone else was a problem and they were perfect.


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Lol, I kinda wish he was around now. I think he'd love some of the stuff I'm reading now and I'd love to share it with him. Although my uncle says the two of us would've fought like crazy and that my dad was really a bad misogynist and I was never one to take that well. As young as I can remember I fought gender roles (7 year old me fighting that I could be Batman and fine, I'd marry Catwoman! lol)


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Fun fact: my dad was an anti-civ mountain man who lived in a shack in the woods. When the manifesto was published, his siblings were freaking out, thinking he was the unabomber.

I've actually not read anything of Kaczynski's. My husband has and tells me it is full of misogyny and would piss me off. I knowTed is not an an-prim and has actually written against anarcho-primitivists. There is a weird meme culture around him in some an-prim spaces and I don't know what to make of it. Like, is it good because it is making people question civilization and what place they have in the world? Or is it just a bunch of aggressive folks who like violence?


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This is because u/HumanBehaviorByBjork said that when ChapoTrapHouse makes fun of rape it is "extra funny". u/amongstclouds is not the only one who found that disturbing. Being flippant about awful shit is gross. clouds is very good about reminding us who we're talking to in other threads. It's kind of like having the old reddit enhancement suite come up and tag the person for everyone.


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So I went to the doctor today for some tests. I go back tomorrow for some more. I'm really scared. Not just of what they're testing for. I'm also scared that all the stuff they are checking isn't what is wrong and I won't know what is wrong with me.